Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


5. Fallen: Chapter Five

There was minutes of silenced as Ly let the information sinked. Hile looked at her, he was as surprised as her. He can't believed that Ly was a Mensch. Ly was the most thoughtful and warm heartened person he have known. He can't picture Ly in Lucifer's shoes. As he thought about it, it gave chills all over his body. Ly began to spoke.

"How did you know that I was one of them?"

"It's a power that we, Slegnas have. You might say its instinct but we do have an ability to sense our own kind."

Lucifer replied clearly amused.

"Are you sure, I'm a Mensch?"

Ly asked as he looked at Angel Atan.

Clearly, she does not trust Lucifer, but who can blame her?

"I'm afraid so." Angel Atan said "It's the truth. But as my brother mentioned earlier, Slegnas do have the ability to sense their own kind."

"Did my father ever mentioned this to you?"

Ly looked at Angel Atan, her eyes full of emotions. She had been lied to for most of her life. Sadly, she has found out from a stranger. Not a stranger but an evil creature.

"No, Mr. Heartangel never told me anything." He said. "He was a great man and very intelligent. He was protecting you. He knows you have a future ahead of you."

"I'm not even sure if he is my father or who my mother is."

Hile got a hold of Ly's hand and squished it. Ly gave the pressure back and he looked at Hile's deep blue eyes as if searching for answers.

"How do we know you were not lying?"

Hile asked.

Lucifer looked at him and Hile noticed his eyes change color from a gray to a transparent color. It almost seem like he was looking at a mirror, showing images of his future. Hile saw a girl on the ground with blood surrounding her. He saw himself beside the girl, tears streaming down his face as he shouted for the girl's name. The girl's face was not visible, but it's clear that it's not Ly.

The images disappeared as Lucifer's eyes turned back to its normal color.

Hile was speechless. He did not know Slegnas can also see the future. What is next, Slegnas as magicians?

"What was your question again, Mr. Fairangel" Lucifer asked with a smirk.

Hile ignored him and turned his attention to Ly. She has her thinking face on, she has that face every time she is thinking something serious. Her brows curled and her fingers fidgeted in her lap. She look at Hile for a second and stared at Lucifer's ring.

"We better get home" Hile said as he looked at Angel Atan for permission.

Angel Atan snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at Hile and a pity look at Ly.

"Yes, indeed. I am sorry for this new information that you got, Ms. Heartangel." He said. "Especially for my brother's behavior" He finished as he gave Lucifer a death glare that Lucifer clearly ignored.

Ly nodded, she look exhausted and under her eyes was two brown half moons. She stand, and walked in a slow pace as she got out of Angel Atan's classroom. Hile hurried to catch up to Ly and was in her side immediately.

Hile don't know how to comfort her or how to make her feel better. He felt guilty for not doing his job as her best friend.

"Do want to come to my Brook?"

Hile asked excitedly.

Ly just shrug and tears began to form in her brown eyes. She fell on her knees and place her hands to her face.

Hile hugged her and comforted her. She was crying really hard like when clouds let out a huge rain fall. All Ly's emotions that he kept in Angel Atan room is pouring as Hile watch his best friend's heart break into pieces right in front of him.

"It's going to be alright....."


Ly asked as she continue to cry.

"To be honest.... I don't know Ly. But everything happens for a reason"

"How could you say that? Your not the one who had an evil blood in you.."

"True, but Ly I'm here for you."

Ly laughed and wipe her tears. She smiled at Hile for the first time since she knew that she was a Mensch.

Hile messed up Ly's hair and she let go of the hug. He look at her confused and began to cry again.

"What is it now?"

Ly continue to cry as if she didn't hear what Hile said.

"Ha,ha. I got you." She said with a smile.

"Well, you're a good actress."

"I know!"

They both laugh until they can barely breath. Hile love the feeling of spending time with Ly. He felt like he can be himself and he is not afraid to do something stupid.

They started to walk again and Ly's laughter vanished as her Brook appeared in the clouds.

"How are you feeling"

Hile asked curiously.


Hile know Ly is lying and she clearly know it herself.

As both of them near Ly's Brook, Ly stopped.

Hile didn't realise that Mr. Heartangel was in front of them. It's been a month since he last saw him. He look the same with his green eyes and black hair. He wore the usual Heaven Official uniform with a white suit and a black tie.

It's obvious that he knew that Ly knew who she is. Mr. Heartangel look at his daughter with a fatherly love but Ly look at his father as he was a stranger.

"Ly, I can explain.."

He began but Ly cut him off before he can continue.

"Don't. I don't want to hear any of your excuses."

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you because I know how you would react"

Ly shook her head as if shaking the accusation.

"Is that your best excuse?" Ly asked. "I thought I got my intelligence from you?"

Hile was startled, he was in the middle of a family conflict. But what shocked him was Ly's outburst. She have never been disrespectful to any authorities and her parents.

Hile didn't realize that he doesn't know his best friend all along.

"Go to your room, Ly. I will explain everything to you."

"No! I will not go to my room! Tell me here and now!"

She said while pointing to the cloud under her feet.

"I don't think it would be fair for Mr. Fairangel to be involved to our family affair."

He said looking at Hile.

Ly look at Hile, her eyes telling him not to leave her. But Hile knows that she need to face this no matter how hard she tried to ignore it.

"I will get going, Mr. Heartangel. I'm sorry for interfering to your family matter."

Mr. Heartangel only nod. Hile turned to Ly and for the last time squished her hands.

When Hile was about to walk to his Brook, Mr. Heartangel shouted at him and he look back.

"Don't forget to tell Atan, this is only the beginning."

Hile was confused. He doesn't know why would Mr. Heartangel told him to say that to Angel Atan if he is going to see him tomorrow?

Mr. Heartangel's appearance began to change. His black hair turned into gray and his green eyes slowly changing to a sea like color. His Heaven Official uniform changing into an all black suit.

Hile knows him, it could only be one person who would be interested to an intelligent Mensch.


Hile said as he ran into the clouds, saving the most important girl in his life.

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