Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


8. Fallen: Chapter Eight

He woke up shouting her name.


He catch his breath and sat up. His surroundings is dark. He thought about what his dream and what it meant.

Who is the girl and why is he with her instead of Ly?

He jump out of bed, walking slowly as each step land on a cloud. He left his room and went straight outside the house.

It's still dark and every Brooks are silent. His heart race against his chest and his hands tremble as he walks towards The Door.

Hile can see Umanos walking, talking, and laughing. Young and old. Everyone are happy.

He can remember what his mom told him when he ask about Earth.

"What is it like?"

"It's a place you don't want to be in, Hile."

She said with harshness in her voice.

"Have you ever been on Earth?"

"Unfortunately, yes." She sigh. "It's a place I will never want to visit again."

As he look at The Door, he don't know if his mom was right about Umanos or it's just the hatred she felt for them.

He is a few inches to The Door and when he is about to touch it, someone speak from behind.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

A female voice said.

Hile turned around and saw a middle age woman. He can feel his cheeks blushed because of embarrassment. He wasn't suppose to be here and he just broke an Angel Rule.

The woman's face is wrinkled and she has a pointy nose. Her gray eyes look at Hile and she have him a smile.

"I'm sor-"

"It's okay young man." She said as she stand next to him "Curiosity will do that to you. There's nothing to worry about."

"Are you guarding The Door?"

The woman laugh. A laugh very unfamiliar and will receive stares from everyone.

"No, young man."

"I'd prefer Hile."

The woman nodded and her laughter vanished.

"I'm always here, every midnight. I'm visiting my daughter on Earth."

She explained.

"You have a daughter on Earth?"

"Yes. She's not an Angel. She's just an ordinary Umano."

She said while looking at The Door.

Hile realize that the woman's wings are not visible and she doesn't have an Angel's wing mark on her wrist.

"Your not an Angel."

He said in disbelief.

The woman did not reply. She just stare at the door as if Hile hadn't spoken.

The woman take a few steps towards The Door and Hile just watch her unable to move his feet.

The woman turn around and face Hile once again.

"Heaven Officials and what your parents said about Umanos are mostly not true." She said. "Not everyone of them are sinners, remember that Hile"

She smiled one last time and turn her back from him. She took a step and dissolve through the The Door.

Hile left The Door and saw the sun finally rise.


Hile made his way to the Academy, and he realize that the huge door is widely open. He walk towards the door and surprisingly saw chaos.

Every Heaven Officials are shouting at each other, and no students are present. He saw Angel Atan talking to another Heaven Officials.

He walk towards them and waited until the conversation is over.

"Mr. Fairangel, didn't you receive the letter?"

"What letter?"

Hile says.

"The letter that clearly state that no students are allowed until we find The Book of Mal."

"It's stolen?"

"Indeed." He said. "I'd figure that my brother stole it, but as I think about it, it's very unclear."

"What will he do to The Book of Mal?"

"Come to my office."

Angel Atan command as they walk towards his office.

It never occurred to Hile that Heaven could ever be disorganized. One person can bring chaos and disaster to the place he began to love.

As he made his way to Angel Atan's office, it's the only place that is still organized except for the book shelves.

Books are scattered around the room, reminding him of his room. He saw where The Book of Mal was hidden. It's now empty.

Angel Atan sat to his huge chair and Hile sat on the chair in front. He remember the first he've been in this room, receiving lectures on how a soon-to-be Angel should act.

"As I was saying earlier, I do not think that my brother stole it."

"He is the only one who would want it just to cause chaos on Heaven as a distraction to us."

Angel Atan nodded and look at Hile.

"There is another person who would want it."

"Who, Angel Atan?"

Hile ask.

"The Lost Souls."

Hile look at him puzzled and Angel Atan grab a huge book on the one of the undamaged shelves.

He place the book on the table and skim through the pages. When he found the right page, he showed the book to Hile.

Hile can see different kind of souls, and he found The Lost Souls.

"What are they?"

He ask as he stare at the book.

"The Lost Souls are souls that died horribly and they want to go back to their family on Earth."

"Why would they want The Book of Mal?"

"It's hard to explain, Mr. Fairangel." He said. "But they want to renew their life. The only way they can is if they turn into a Slegna."

"I though Angels are only one that can be turn into a Slegnas?"

"It's also confusing to me, but my brother wrote it in a way that everyone can be turn."

He explained.

"I know who stole The Book of Mal."

Hile said as he stood up from his seat.

Not everyone of then are sinners, remember that Hile.

These words keep playing in his head as he ran towards The Door.

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