The boy(On break)

Megan is a freshman in her new high school. she finds a guy she likes and thinks if he likes her back..... What will happen when they meet for the first time face to face?


5. The Truth

     Hey!!!!  I am writing two stories right now. One is about one direction and The other is this one. When ever i am writing this, i think of ideas for the one direction one and vise-verse. Thanks for reading!!! Tell me what you think in the Comments!    I might set up a movella email just for this. I will keep you updated. If anyone would want to co-author with me, i would gladly except the offer! My twitter acount is #BowlingMegan12



Sam P.O.V.

I think i have actual feelings for Megan. She is really sweet and has a one of a kind smile. i have to do something to get her to be mine, not Mike`s. 

"Hey Megan. I was kinda wondering if u would go to dinner with me tonight?" I asked shyly. 

"ummm....Yea, sure why not" YESSSSS!!!!!! Now the time to tell her how I feel. 

"Great, i guess i will pick you up at 7. See you later".

~~~~~skip to dinner~~~~

So I decided to go to a not to fancy restaurant as it was not a date. I took her to my all time favorite restaurant Pasta House.  I always get the spaghetti. 

"Can i start you guys off with some drinks" The nice waiter asked."

"Sure, I will have a Coke." Megan said.

"And i will have a pink lemonade."

She nods and walks away. 

"So tell me about yourself." trying to break the silence.

"My mom is with her sister in the hospital, My dad is almost never home and ,my sister is in collage, so i basicly live at home by my self for most of the time." 

"What happend with your moms sister in the hospital?"

"she had a stroke"

"i had no idea. i`m sorry that happend to you. you are the sweetest girl i have ever met."

I blushed a little at the last part.

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