The boy(On break)

Megan is a freshman in her new high school. she finds a guy she likes and thinks if he likes her back..... What will happen when they meet for the first time face to face?


3. The party

skip to the one hour before party>>>>>


I do not want to look all fancy but I do want to look nice. i look through my closet and try to find an outfit. I found a perfect outfit. A blue and white stripped sweater and black leggings with a navy flat shoe. I put a little make up on and then down the stairs to see Sam at the door. when i come down he opens the door with a comment "you look perfect for the party." 

silence in the almost all the way there. we are pulling in the neighborhood that the party is at. and then Sam says something that changes my mind about him. "What are you going to do to get Mike to like you back? I mean I could kiss you in fornt of him and see what he does?" with a wink at me while  looking at the road. 

That just might work. I have no other plan." i say smiling. 

So we pull up to the house and he stops the car and open my door for me just to be a gentlemen. he does not even bother to ring the door bell and just goes in. The first person I see is Mike. I look in to his blue eyes and just smile in the inside. Sam and Mike do a man hug and then Mike gives me a evil but funny smile and then a hug. That`s step one. 

So we made into the party alive. most people are drunk or about to be. I am not old enough to drink so automatically i`m the driver. I walk into the kitchen and grab a coke and then I turn around and hit someone in the chest with my arm. 

"i`m so sorry" turning around to see its mike.

'It is fine Megan. I was just grabbing a coke to drink too." He said. he realized i was not speaking to he continued.  "I did not know you were coming to this party." "Yea. i did not really know about it until Sam told me in math class." 

Mike turned to look for Sam. he was in the corner talking to some chick. I did not want to follow him but i could not help it. 

"Sam, could talk to you for a minute?" Mike asked angrily, yanking on his arm. 'I was not going to spy on them' i told myself.

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