The boy(On break)

Megan is a freshman in her new high school. she finds a guy she likes and thinks if he likes her back..... What will happen when they meet for the first time face to face?


10. Friends

Conner POV

I just love her so much. it hurts to see a beautiful girl not be with me. I Went on twitter to see what happening. I see i have a notification I click on it. 

Megan Roegner tweeted.

@Megan^123 I`m hanging with my BF today at the bowling alley!!!! So much fun!!!

'its not going to be fun for long' i think to myself. I grab my phone at send a text to Mike.

Hey Do you want to go bowling?

Within a couple of seconds i get reply. 

Sure. I`ll meet you up there in 20 minutes?

Yes My plan is working...

Yea Sure. See ya.

20 minutes later. I walk in the alley trying not to let Megan see me or Sam. I walk to the counter and ask for a Lane a couple down from them. There is no one there so it was no problem at all. Mike gets there right as im going to the lane.

Megan goes somewhere.

Sam is playing on his phone waiting for megan to get back.

"Sam?" He looked confused.

(Mike and Sam are not Friends anymore because of the girl.)

"Mike. What are you doing here?"



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