The boy(On break)

Megan is a freshman in her new high school. she finds a guy she likes and thinks if he likes her back..... What will happen when they meet for the first time face to face?


11. Fight

Megan`s POV

I hear a Mike talking to someone. I look around the corner but hiding my body. I saw something that i thought i would never see in a while. Mike and Sam are fighting over me.....

"Sam, Why are you here in the first place?"

"Conner Invited me to go bowling with him."

I didn't see Conner earlier when i looked. I don`t know what to do? I thought Mike hated me for some odd reason. maybe because His best friend and his enemy are dating.....  Should i go over there or not....Better now then later.

I slowly walk over to where they are fighting. Sam noticed me first. 

"Megan!!! There u are."

"Uh, Sam when did those 2 get here? I hate them remember...."

"I don`t know when. I just sat on my phone waiting for you and then MIke came over to me and started arguing with me about you."

"I have nothing to say to him. I thought i liked him but not anymore. I am starting to like you more and more." I started to lean in to him and he did the same. 

I Felt a spark when we touched. 


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