The One


2. Chapter 2💚

* Sabrina's Pov * 

Waking up to the sun on my face from my window and the birds chirping. I was still in my pajamas when I hear a soft knock onmy door. Getting out of bed I opened my door to see Emma .

" yes " I said

" mommy and daddy are still asleep and I'm hungry " she said

" okay let's go eat some food " I said picked her up and walked downstairs to the kichen then I set her down in a chair.

" can I please have fruit loops " Emma asks

" yes you can " I say and grabbed two bowls from the cabinet and poured Emma her fruit loops and poured myself lucky charms.

Grabbing the milk I poured it in our cereal then put it back. I then took our cereal to the table and gave Emma hers and we ate. After we ate we went upstairs and brushed our teeth. We then went back downstairs but to the living room and sat on the couch then started to watch cartoons. 

* Austin's Pov *

I was sitting at home on my couch with Alex and Dave playing NBA 2K14 they were mad cause I was winning by a few points.

" so Austin who was who was the girl you were on the beach with " Dave asked 

" she's my moms friends daughter her name is Sabrina " I said

" she's cute " Alex said 

" heck yeah " Dave said agreeing with Alex.

" I say the both of you make a good looking couple " Alex said 

" she's just a friend " I said 

" you say that now " Dave said and I just laughe at them and continued to play the game. 

Hearing my my phone ring I paused the to see that Rocco my manager was calling. 

[ Phone Convo ] 
Me - hello 
Rocco - Austin where are you you have a photo shoot in ten minutes 
Me - okay I'm walking out the door now 
Rocco - get here 
Me - okay 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Setting down my controller I turned off the game and put my shoes on. 

" where are you going " Alex said 

" I have a photo shoot today in ten minutes " I said and I grabbed my phone. 

I made sure I had my keys and we left the house.

* Sabrina's Pov * 

After getting Emma ready I did her hair which took almost an hour to do cause she had a lot of hair. I got dressed and ready I straightened my hair and headed downstairs. I heard little footsteps behind me and I turned to see Emma.

" Sabrina can we go to Darcy's house " Emma asked me

" I have to see if she is home " I said taking out my phone and dialed Sandra's number.

[ Phone Convo ] 
Sandra🎀🌹 - hello
Me - are you home 
Sandra🎀🌹 - yea why
Me - Emma wanted to come over
Sandra🎀🌹 - oh yea she can come over
Me - okay we're on our way
Sandra🎀🌹 - okay bye
Me - bye
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

" is she home " Emma said

" yes she's home " I said

" well come on I want to make cookies " Emma said

Sometimes I don't think she's actually five years old think she's at least twenty-five by how the way she talk and some of the things she does. Waling out the house with Emma behind me we walked around the corner and down the street to Sandra's house. Knocking on the door Sandra opened it.

" hey Sabrina " Sandra said

" hey Sandra " I said and she stepped aside then me and Emma went inside.

Sandra sat on the couch in her living room and I sat next to her while Emma went to go play with Sandra's little sister Darcy upstairs in her room.

" so how have you been " Sandra asked

" good but guess what " I said

" what " Sandra said

" I didn't know my moms friend was Michele Mahone " I said

" Michele Mahone as in Austin Mahone's Mom " Sandra said with her eyes widened.

" yup " I said

" man why do you always get to meet the celebrities " Sandra said 

" it's not my fault it's my mom " I said 

" when did you meet him " Sandra asked

" yesterday at the beach and then when I got home she asked me do I like him " I said 

" you know your mom " Sandra said 

" yea she can annoying sometimes " I said 

" if I were you I would be head over heels in love with Austin rite now " she said and I heard two little footsteps come downstairs and we turned to see Darcy and Emma. 

" Sandra can we bake cookies " Emma asked 

" sure come on but we need to wash our hands " Sandra said an they went to the bathroom and washed their hands and they went to the kitchen.

Getting off the couch I went into Sandra's kitchen to see Darcy , Emma , and Sandra getting out the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. Mixing them all together we put the dough in the pan and put them in the oven to cook. Once the cookies were done we let them cool off then we started to eat them. 

" I should be a baker in the future " I said 

" you should you have skills " Sandra said 

" I do not " I said 

" maybe you can make cookies for Michele and Austin " she said 

" oh wow " I said and I stayed at Sandra's house for a couple more hours.

When Emma was ready to go I said bye to Sandra and Darcy and left with Emma. Arriving at home I went into the kitchen and made myself something to eat. Hearing someone call my name I turned to see my mom. 

" are you ready " my mom asks 

" to go where " I said 

" we're going to Michele's house " she said 

" why " I said 

" because if I go then you go too " she said 

" why can't I just stay here " I said 

" because I said so " my mom said 

" you always do this " I muttered quietly but my mom heard me anyways.

" I always do what " she said

" take me places where I don't want to be " I said 

" I do not " my mom said 

" yes you do like the beach yesterday you knew Michele was going to be there also Austin then you try and see if I like him " I told her

" I only asked you that because you were miserable ever since Daniel broke up with you " she said 

" so what maybe I don't want another boyfriend " I yelled and stormed out of the house and started walking to Sandra's house. 

Knocking on her door she opened it.

" back so soon " Sandra said 

" it my mom she's nerve racking " I said and she stood aside and allowed me in. 

I followed her up to her room and sat on her bed . 

" what's going on between you and your mom " Sandra asked

" ever since Daniel and I broke up she's been trying to hook me up with boys I barely know and its annoying " I said 

" I feel you but you can't mad at your mom for trying to help you " Sandra said 

" I know that but sometimes she gets annoying and it irritates me " I said 

" and I get that but no matter how annoying your parents get you can't be mad at them " she did and I sighed because she was rite my mom was only trying to help me to be happy. 

My phone started ringing and I already knew it was my mom. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Me - yes mom
Mom😚❤️ - where are you
Me - at Sandra's house
Mom😚❤️ - I'm on my way to pick you up
Me - okay
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I put my pocket and looked up at Sandra. 

" one day else should do a girls day with Becky " I said 

" sounds good to me " Sandra said and I heard a knock on Sandra's front door and I got up and opened it to reveal my mom. 

" I'm sorry " my mom said 

" it's fine " I said and told Sandra bye then got in the car with my mom and she drove to Michele's house.

My mom parked and we got out. Walking up to the door my mom rang the doorbell and Michele answered.

" he Jen " Michele said 

" hey Michele " my mom said 

" hello Sabrina " Michele said 

" hey " I said and we walked inside and went to the kitchen. 

" where's Austin " my mom asks 

" he had a photoshoot to go to he should be back within an hour " Michele said and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket , it was probably Sandra. 

Looking at my phone I was rite it was a text from Sandra. 

[ Text Convo ]
Sandra🎀🌹 - hey Sabrina tell Austin's friend Alex I said hi please😁
Me - no
Sandra🎀🌹 - why😩
Me - because it's not my place to tell him it's yours
Sandra🎀🌹 - come on please 🙏😩
Me - no 😠 if you want to say hi then you do it not me😌
Sandra🎀🌹 - I don't want to seem like a crazed fan😊
Me - well that's your problem😊
[ End Of Text Convo ]

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket. Walking over to the kitchen I sat at the table with my mom and Michele.

* Austin's Pov * 

Pulling up to my moms house I parked my car then Dave and Alex and I got out. Going inside I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Going to the kitchen I seen Jennifer , my mom and Sabrina. 

" hey mom " I said and my mom looked up at me along with Jennifer except Sabrina.

" you're back how was your photo shoot " my mom asked 

" it was good I guess " I said 

" that's good " my mom said and just then a little girl ran into the kitchen and went to Sabrina.

She must be Emma Sabrina's little sister. 

" can you play with me " Emma asked 

" play what " Sabrina said 

" a game " Emma said 

" where " Sabrina asked

" outside " the little girl said 

" okay " Sabrina said and she got up and walked with Emma out to the front.

* Sabrina's Pov *

When outside Emma and I sat on the grass and we played slide. I don't know why but she loves this game. As I was playing with her I could hear guys talking.

" go talk to here " one of the guys said

" but she's laying with her sister " I hear Austin say

" so what " I hear the first voice say

" go say hi or something " another voice said

" fine " I hear Austin say then ignored what they were saying and continued to play with Emma.

Just then I see a shadow behind me and by the conversation I heard behind me it was Austin.

" hello " I said

" hey " he said

" how's life " I asked

" good " he said

" that's good " I said

" what about you " Austin asked

" getting through life as the days go by " I said

" living life " he said

" basically " I laughed

" I feel you " Austin said

" yea those are your friends " I asked 

" yea that's Alex and Dave " Austin said

" hey " I said and waved at the and they waved back at me smiling.

I sat there on the grass playing on my phone and with Emma plus talking to Austin for a couple hours before we had to leave. Saying goodbye to Austin I quickly asked for his number and he gave it to me then I got in the car along with Emma and my mom. My mom then drove home and we got out and went inside the house and I walked up to my room. 

Turning on my tv I sat on my bed and watched a funny movie on Netflix. Before dinner I got in the shower and washed my body. I got out and dried off then put on a pair of hello kitty pajama pants, a black spaghetti strap tank top and slipped on my plush hello kitty slippers. Throwing my hair into a bun I plugged up my phone then walked down to kitchen where my mom was cooking.

" are you ready to eat " she asked

" yea " I said and my mom put a plate of pasta and a piece of garlic bread in front of me.

After I finished eating I went up to my room and laid in bed watching Netflix.

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