The One


1. Chapter 1 💚

* Sabrina's Pov *

I woke up this morning to my mom yelling my name through my door. I hurried out of bed and opened the door to see my mom.

" you're just now getting up " she said

" oh snap sorry mom " I said

" hurry up " she said and I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower

I got out and put on my pink Aztec print bikini , light blue denim shorts , a white tank tops and black flip flops. I grabbed my beach bag and put a towel and sunscreen in it. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs and we got in the car and my dad drove to the beach.

* Austin's Pov *

I was getting ready to go to the beach with my mom and friends jyst to go and have a good time. When we were all ready we got in the car and drove to the beach. My mom found a parking spot and then parked. We all got out and grabbed some of the stuff out the trunk and walked on the hot sand looking for a spot to sit down at. Once we found a spot to sit we laid out blankets and sat down. The boys went to go swim and play football while I sat with my mom.

* Sabrina's Pov *

I helped my mom set up blankets and stuff while my dad took my little sister to make sand castles by the water. I got out my phone and started to play 'Candy Crush'. I look up to my mom was looking for someone.

" if you're looking for dad he's by the water " I said

" I'm not lookng for your father I'm looking for my good friend Michele " she said

" did you find her yet " I said

" not......there she is with her son Austin come with me " she said

" why " I said

" son you can meet her and her son " she said and I rolled my eyes and groaned then got up and walked behind her to meet her friend Michele and her son Austin.

When we got we got to Michele she got up off her chair she was sitting on and hugged my mom. I looked at Michele and she looked back at me then pulled she into a tight hug. I didn't have a choice but to hug her back. I then pullled away from her and looked at her.

" oh and this is my son Austin " Michele said and he looked up at me

" hey " he said

" hi " I said back

* Austin's Pov *

I was sitting on the blanket playing a game on my phone when I heard my mom laugh. I look up to see a that was absolutely gorgeous. There was something about her that attracts me to her , maybe it's how the way she smiles. She hugged my mom and looked down at me.

" hey " I said

" hi " she said

" Austin why don't you and Sabrina get to become friends while Christine and I catch up " my mom said

" sure " I said getting up and grabbing my tank top then walked behind Sabrina and we walked along the beach and talked.

" so how long have you lived in Miami " she asked

" since I was a year old what about you " I said

" I was born here " Sabrina said

" do you have any siblings? " I asked

" yea a little sister named Emma who idolizes me how about you " Sabrina said

" no only child " I said

" it must be fun " she said

" no it gets boring " I said

" don't you have friends " she asked

" yea a few of them but they're close " I said

" well it shouldn't be boring since friends should be like family " Sabrina said

" I guess you're rite " I said

* Sabrina's Pov *

After about a few more hours later of walking with Austin we went back to our parents then went our separate ways. We gathered our stuff and packed up everything and put it in the car. I got in the car and my dad drove us home. Once at home I went up to my room and sat on my bed. I then heard my doo open to reveal my mom.

" so do you like him? " my mom asked

" who " I said

" Austin " she said

" why do you always do this every time I tak to a guy " I said

" because you haven't been in a relationship " she said

" so what I haven't found the rite one yet " I said

" come on Sabrina at least give him a chance " my mom said

" I don't see why you always do this if I don't want a boyfriend I don't have to have one " I said

" I'm just trying to help and plus Austin is famous " she said

" I know that " I said

" just give him a try please if it doesn't work out I'll leave you alone about it and oh pizza is here " she said

" okay on the pizza " I said getting off my bed and walked behind my mom downstairs to the kitchen then sat at the table as my mom set down a plate with two pizza slices in front of me and I started to eat.

After I got finished eating I went up to my bathroom and got in the shower. I got out and got dressed into my pajamas. I put my hair into a messy bun and laid in bed thinking maybe my mom was rite I mean mom knows best rite.

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