When The Blue Sky Falls

This is a story about a 15 year old named Starla who has a scientist and doctor as her parents. One day she suddenly finds herself alone in the big world. For a few days she has been wondering what to do to in the big world. Luckily a few days after the sad reality she has found a way to save everybody and get them back. But she only has a time limit of 1 week and a half. Will she be able to save them?


1. When I woke up

When I woke up the next day, it was oddly dark. I went down stairs to eat breakfast and to say good morning to mom and dad. But when I went down to see everything was completely quiet. I thought it was weird because our block was one of the most noisiest places you can find. So when I looked outside there weren't any birds, or mailman, or the annoying neighbor who always told me to shut my mouth, or the flowers in our garden, or the perfect blade of grass. In fact there was nothing outside. Nothing except for  abounded houses, disgusting mud puddles, leaf-less trees, and old wrecked vehicles. I ran upstairs to  quickly get changed. When I looked at the clock it didn't show the time. I thought in my mind ' Now this is just getting really odd. It's not like it always is... ' I went to my parent's room but surprisingly no body was there. So then I went downstairs again and got my oatmeal ready but the microwave didn't work so I just ate cereal. For a while I sat at the table lost in my thoughts. Then I went outside to go walk. Everything looked seriously ugly like one of those places right after a war. I actually sort of wondered if there was a war while I was asleep. But then I thought ' That's not possible. If there actually was a war, my parents would've woken me up and dragged me into the car. ' Then a second thought came up. ' probably nobody except for me is on the planet right now... ' I walked around the place for a few minutes and then went back.

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