When The Blue Sky Falls

This is a story about a 15 year old named Starla who has a scientist and doctor as her parents. One day she suddenly finds herself alone in the big world. For a few days she has been wondering what to do to in the big world. Luckily a few days after the sad reality she has found a way to save everybody and get them back. But she only has a time limit of 1 week and a half. Will she be able to save them?


10. Finally

It felt like hours since I was walking until I saw the church. I panted and said " Finally " under my breath. I walked up to the church and walked in. The door was knocked down. " It must be because of the damage... " The church was an amazing place. It looked pretty old but it still looked wonderful. I walked up to the cross at the front of the church and sat down beside the cross. I took out the paper and read through it with the pot still in my arms. Then I don't know why but tears started streaming down my face. I felt like everything was lost in the disaster. I couldn't stop crying. I started weeping and regretting. Several tears fell down onto the plant.

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