When The Blue Sky Falls

This is a story about a 15 year old named Starla who has a scientist and doctor as her parents. One day she suddenly finds herself alone in the big world. For a few days she has been wondering what to do to in the big world. Luckily a few days after the sad reality she has found a way to save everybody and get them back. But she only has a time limit of 1 week and a half. Will she be able to save them?


12. Epilogue

" I'm sorry I couldn't save you Starla! If only I was there! " I heard my parents voice. I think they were crying. I think they were actually sad... I felt guilty. Then I felt my body float. I was able to see what was happening. There were a lot of people around the actual body of mine. Everybody was crying. Then I thought " Oh... So I have already passed away? I wanted to at least say good bye... Well that's too bad... Only if they were able to hear me... "


                                                    " Thank you and good bye... "




When I noticed I was sleeping infront of the cross. I got up and ran outside with the pot. The sky was blue and there was green once again. There were passing cars and people talking. I fell to the floor and started crying because I was so happy. Then a woman walked up to me and asked " Dear, are you alright? " I nodded yes. Then she asked me " Where are your parents? " Then I said " I was just going back to my home. Thank you for asking. " Then she offered me if she wanted me to drive home. I declined the offer but still thanked her. It took a long time to get home ( oviously ) but I was really excited. It felt like forever to walk home and I got tired walking home I took the bus ( since I brought a bit of money ). When I got home my parents where in tears of joy because I came back. They hugged me and said " Oh Starla! Thank god you're home! " After that we spent a normal life time like before and lived happily ever after.

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