When The Blue Sky Falls

This is a story about a 15 year old named Starla who has a scientist and doctor as her parents. One day she suddenly finds herself alone in the big world. For a few days she has been wondering what to do to in the big world. Luckily a few days after the sad reality she has found a way to save everybody and get them back. But she only has a time limit of 1 week and a half. Will she be able to save them?


7. Difficult things

When I read the dreaded sentence I started panicking. I said to my self " What if I don't have enough time? What if I failed to save everyone? What if this world ACTUALLY ends?! " I was really frustrated, angry, confused, and upset. I stuffed the paper forcefully into my bag, stood up, and started walking frustrated. I said to my self " I don't get the whole point of stupid time limits!!! They're good for nothing! " When said those words it started raining. I looked up at the sky and then grumbled. I got down on the side walk and got my umbrella out. There was no body and all there was was silence. A few minutes later I started feeling better and better. I thought to my self in a positive way ' there's STILL 1 week and a half so no need to panic. ' And then smiled silently.

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