When The Blue Sky Falls

This is a story about a 15 year old named Starla who has a scientist and doctor as her parents. One day she suddenly finds herself alone in the big world. For a few days she has been wondering what to do to in the big world. Luckily a few days after the sad reality she has found a way to save everybody and get them back. But she only has a time limit of 1 week and a half. Will she be able to save them?


3. A small clue

I knew I wasn't supposed to be digging through their closet but if they wouldn't be coming back it wouldn't really matter. While I was looking through their closet even more tears started rolling down my cheeks. I thought this was a stupid thing to do when you're 15 but I couldn't keep my feelings in. I grabbed another box from the top and read the label on it. It said " FILES " I instantly knew that this was the box that I was NEVER EVER allowed to touch. At first I hesitated but I made up her mind and opened the box. I looked at the first few papers but they were about few of the most recently discovered animals. I thought it wasn't that bad because it was about the animals, global warming, and etc. When I got to the bottom that changed.I saw a piece of paper with the exact same design for the small piece of paper with barely any words written on it. This one had a bit more words on it and even pictures clipped onto it. I unclipped the pictures from the paper and looked through them. Most of them were pictures of the earth but even more weird. There were a lot of black dots on the earth's surfaces. I compared it to the paper and read through it. It said a few of the words that she disliked. For example like "WORLD'S END" She stared at the word for a few seconds. Then like what she did for all the other files but read it through properly. It said a lot of things about the world's end. For example like ' 98% chance of world end ' When I read that I was wondering what the possible solution was if it wasn't 100%. 

I grabbed another box that said 'FILE' I then said to my self, "This must be Mom's box." I scurried through the box until the very bottom. And unsurprisingly there was another piece of paper that said something similar to the other paper mentioning the world's end. But on this one there was better piece of information. 

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