Run away Princess

" Jasmin come with me "


3. Beautiful

Harry's (p.o.v.)

We'll we were all dressed in suits and heading to the kingdom we got out of the car and the guards led us threw the doors when we got into the castle there stood a man about my age the king and there stood this beautiful girl in a pink dress with her hair up we bowed and we headed to the courtyard there stood everyone that worked in the palace we sang

Midnight memories

Half a heart


Don't forget we're you belong

Best song every


Does he know?

You and I


Better then words

Story of my life

And then the king said " my daughter and son have prepared a song to sing" the son went to the piano and the daughter went to the microphone the song started and it was beautiful by Christina Aguilar her voice was so elegant so soft her eyes locked with mine and I knew right there and then I needed to make her be mine I was love struck but in a good way I smiled and she smiled she was MY dream girl MY Juliet

Claudia's (p.o.v.)

Harry was my Romeo but I'm already engaged to the head douche bag John that my father told me to marry I didn't choose

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