My friends crush

This is about my friend who really likes a boy in her class and she cant calm down about him. She is going crazy and cannot stop thinking about him. when she gets on the bus she is all like guess what he did today.


1. At School

Hey Alisha, you will never believe what happened today! Brett got seated right beside me in math. Now he is starting to flirt with me in class. How will I ever be able to respond back to him without sounding weird? Please help me. If you help me I will do anything you want. I promise you. After I say this Alisha says well if you want I could ask him for you. Then I say okay please do that. I will be with you so he knows who you are talking about. Alisha says okay. Alisha when are you going to do this? I ask. I will do it later in the year whenyou get a better feeling that he likes you.Alisha says. Okay Alisha I'm fine with that, so I know that he actually likes me. It is better to know that he likes me before I ask him anyways. Could you ask him in like the third quarter? Yes. Alisha says

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