The Unsuspected Injury

My first movella. A mystery that remains unsolved. Comedy.


1. Ani-Maca-Po-Po

"PUT IT DOWN! NOW!" I yelled to my annoying older sister, Saskia.
At this point, she has got my most prize possession in this very household... MY TROPHY.
I probably shouldn't tell you what it's for .. because you know, you might get jealous.. but i'll tell you anyways! I won it from my athletic side of this .. smexy body of mine. *blush face*  It's for the cross-country, 800 metres race I did last year.. OKAY FINE! I was last place. They gave me the trophy because i participated. Well.. not exactly. My teacher chose me because everyone else had something to do BUT me. They just gave me the trophy because they probably thought I was dopey and looked like a nerd. *embarrassed face* 
Anyways, back to the wrestling match.. *blabber mouth face* Yeah, so just because she is older, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Especially with my things. SHE IS SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!! *angry face*! 
"Make me!" Saskia mischievously added.
My mum entered our room. "Stop fighting, you two! Your going to give me a headache!" My mum is really a sensitive, sleepy kind of woman. But she gets angry very easily! 
"She started it!" Saskia lied.
"Uh-uh! She did!" Saskia pinned the blame on me. AGAIN.
"Your going to be late for your swimming lesson! Hurry up! Stop messing around!" My mum remembered. OH YEAH! I forgot to tel you! I go to this swimming school thing because I like my friends there (since i'm kind of a loner at school). There is Lily who is 5, Maryam who is 6, Abigayil who is 5 and Esther who is 7. I don't really care if I am 12. Age doesn't matter... right? *proud face*   


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