Fire and ice



7. first day

Chapter 5

First day

Jay's pov

We walked into the building and showed our IDs to the six inch heeled lady. She nodded her head and we headed up to the 20th floor (it was a 60 floor building, which idk if is even possible!!) and when we got there, we knocked on the door that had a star and in the middle said


Harry I think answered the door. "Well if it isn't miss cheeky!" I pushed past him and said,"my name is Jay. Don't wear it out." Being the big headed super star he is (A/N I actually don't think that, it just goes with Jay's personality) and thinking he can get any girl he wants he says, "cheeky AND feisty! Boyd we got a keeper here! Ain't it adorable how she thinks she can boss us around?" That was the last straw. I pushed him to the wall and said,"I'm sorry, did Styles not hear me? My name is Jay. Calle adorable and you won't be able to even see how adorable I can be." He put his hands up in defense and said,"ok I'm officially scared of this one. I MEAN JAY!!!!" He said remembering his last mistake. "Anyone else need a lesson?" They all nodded those heads quickly. "Good. Either way this is my friend, Crystal." I motioned to Crystal and she smiled and waved quietly. "Hi, nice to meet you all." She said not as 'scary' as me. "Ya, mess with her" -I motioned to Crystal- "and your dead meat. Understand?" They all nodded their heads. "Ok good. Now time for the actual assistant part. Would any if you like something drink? How about you mr styles? Would you like something?" He nodded and said," a whiskey please." I scoffed and said,"no way am I getting you a whiskey. I will get you non alcoholic drinks, but if you want whiskey you can get it yourself." I pushed myself off of him and smiled. "Now let me ask you again. Would you like something to drink mr styles?" He nodded again and said, "lemonade please." I went to the kitchen to put him some lemonade from the pitcher in the glass cup. I brought it out to him. "Here you go." He frowned and said, "what no lemon slice?!" I looked at him with a cold stare and said, "of you want a lemon slice you can get it by your self. He nodded and sipped his lemonade while looking at me intently. "Anyone else want something?" They all nodded their heads no. "Ok fine." I sat down on the couch. "Jay! This is not your house! Ask before you sit!" I sighed and said, "my butt is on the couch and it's gonna stay on the couch! Anyway, what are we watching?" They all shrugged. "Do any of you talk other than girly culrys over there?" I motioned to Harry. "I do! I'm Niall!" Said the blonde one. "Ok so far your my favorite since girly culrys over here is rude. Hi I'm Jay." Crystal gasped. "It is not nice to pick favorites!" I laughed. "Well I just did! Miall here is my favorite!" Miall looked down and blushed. "My name is Niall." I blushed too and said, "sorry Niall. In my defense I only just met you!" I stopped blushing and so did he. He smiled and so did I. "What about the rest of you? Any one other then Niall and girly curlys talk?" Girly curlys gave me a cold stare. "The name is Harry. Don't ware it out." He said mimicking me. Ok that's it imma kill him. Just as I was about to jump on top of him, I got so angry, my hands burst into flames. The color fled from Liam's (at least I THINK Liam) cheeks and he said, "Jay... Doesn't that hurt?" I grinned. "Not at all." I luges on top of Harry and was about to burn his pretty face when water came towards my hands and the flame was put out. "CRYSTAL!!!! I WAS JUR ABOUT TO BIRN THOS JERKS PRETTY FACE!!!!" I yelled angrily. "We do not burn people!" She huffed and pulled me off of him. "AND.... Now they know so... If I were you I would run!!!!" We made a mad dash for the door but just before that a wall of lightning came between us and the door. In my head I heard "this is your punishment. You wanted me to bring it, so I will bring it." I whimpered quietly and looked over to Crystal and knew she heard it too. We turned around slowly to the boys. "Wow... What was that all about?!" Said Zayn (I figured out all their names by now) I sighed and said, "not a great first day is it?" And chuckled lightly. "No not at all..." Said Crystal. "Well you see, turns out, I have fire powers and Crystals got water powers. But I swear if you tell anyone, just remember what I said earlier to Harry." They all nodded. "So what now?" Naill's face lit up and he said, "can we roast marshmallows with your powers?!?!?!" I laughed lightly and made a flame in my hands. "Bring the marshmallows!!!!!"

SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! I AM MOVING THIS MOVELLA!!!!! It's giving me problems and the new one is "fire and water"

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