Fire and ice



4. coming over

Chapter 4

Coming over

Crystal's pov

I walked up to Jay's house and knocked in the door. I was thinking if what happened in the bathroom that I hadn't noticed someone answer the door. I looked up at the man who answered the door and smiled shyly. "Hey Crystal!" I heard Jay say behind the man. She pushed him aside and said "it's ok dad, she's with me." She smiled and pointed at herself. The man nodded and walked away. "Well.. Are you just going to stand their or come in..?!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her house. I looked up at the high ceilings and large sofas. I whistled under my breath. Jay giggled and we went up to her room. "Got any homework?" I nodded my head. "Good, me neither." I looked around the room and saw a laptop. I picked it up slowly examining the red color with a single black flame on the top. I put it down slowly scared that I would break it. I sat on her amazingly comfortable bed next to Jay. "I'm thirsty. Where is the water?" I said completely forgetting the incident in the bathroom. "Come on, I'll show you." As we walked in, I started noticing little things. No spills, no pitcher of lemonade or something like that, basically no water. Jay pulled out a cup and pointed to the fridge. As I filled my cup I remembered the incident. In shock I dropped my cup and as the water fell I put my hands out and it stop it from falling and the water did stop... In mid air!!! Jay looked at me. A mixture of understanding and horror on her face. She backed up against the wall and a flame sprung up from her hand and into the wall.

Jays pov

As I went to the wall a flame sprung up on my hand. I looked at the flame for a second then I put my hand on the wall. The flames just started to increase more and more. Crystal screamed and flung the water that was mid air towards the fire. I moved the fire out of he way. I made my hands into fist and he fire went away. Just as the happened, a lightning bolt streaked the sky and we ended up in some place that I have never seen. "Ah, my two daughters.." A thundering voice said. I looked up to see a strong well built man with soft features and grey eyes. I yelled, "your not my father!!" While Crystal started to walk behind me towards the bowl that was filled with water. "Oh yes I am young lady!" He boomed in an angry voice. I scoffed. I raised my hands now that I have learned to make a flame on my hand and created a flame in my hands. "Why don't you come over here and prove it?!" I yelled in a strong voice. He laughed and said, "your just like your mother!" Then everything swirled for a second and a lightning streaked across me. Crystal was suddenly next to me in my room which was now engulfed in flames. Crystal and I ran outside. Suddenly there was nothing left of my house. I whispered to myself, "dad.." He was still in the house when it burned. As tears welled in my eyes I fought hem back. Crystals phone rang. It was the police. "Yes... Ok... Yes this is her.... WHAT?!?!... No how?!?.... But... Ok bye.." She hanged up her phone then she said quietly, "my house flooded. My parents are dead. What do we do now??" I yelled, "follow me!!!" I ran into my car and Crystal got in. "I know where to go."

A/N I'm going to be in Mexico for almost two weeks so I won't be able to update!!!! Sorry!!!!

~liar111 :{)

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