Febuary 1st

Stella is every girls envy. She's gorgeous and talented. When she becomes the leader for a flashmob in the center of London, she goes viral. But she has not only camptured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres but Niall Horan too. Niall falls head over heels with Stella, a girl he's never met. Will he track her down?


2. What have i done?

Stella's POV. I ran towards the shop I saw Jaxon walk in, only to discover it was Victoria's Secret. And there behind the counter sat Jaxon, with a pretty girl, only they weren't just discussing lingerie. He was viewing hers, WITH his mouth. I couldn't believe it. I burst into tears and ran out of the shop. Well as quickly as I could in my pumps. I found a seat on the edge of the water fountain. Splashing water onto the edge, I swirled it around the marble rim.

Niall's POV. I was killing myself over what I just did! I cant believe I kissed her. she has a boyfriend for crying out loud! Oh gees. Harry picked out whatever it was he was getting in the jewellers and we walked out. The crowd had parted and sitting by the fountain was the girl I loved.

" Harry, look its stella!" Harry turned to look at where I was pointing.

" Are you sure that's Stella and not Ariana Grande?" Harry questioned with a cheeky glem in his eye.

" Im sure." I looked over at her and my smile disappeared." I met her while we were in the jewellers." She was crying.

I walked over to her and touched her shoulder. " Ni- Niall?"

" Yes St- Stella" I smirked at her and she giggled. I kneeled down beside her and wiped away her tears with my thumb.

" Whats wrong love?"

" Jaxon," She took a deep breath. " He cheated on me. with a girl in Victoria's secret"

I sighed. " come on Stel, Ill give you a ride home." I stood up and offered her my hand.

she took it and I helped her up. " Now, wipe those tears away." She did as I told her. " and let's get you home." she nodded and I glanced at Harry.

He gave me the thumbs up and I headed off towards the carpark. Leading Stella. I opened the door for Stella before climbing in on the opposite side myself. I glanced down at her hands and noticed her charm bracelet. It was full to exploding point. and side by side were the charm I gave her (ballet shoes) and her converse ones. I smiled to myself and pulled away from the shopping mall.

" Stella?"

" Yeah Ni?"

" Why have you got so many charms?" She giggled.

"I buy a new one every new place I go."

I gasped " How did you get so many?"

" I tour with Ariana, Im one of her dancers." I smiled at me.

" Wow, whens your next tour?'

" Four months. when's yours?"

" eight months"

She nodded and I turned the radio on.

" You look even more stunning in person." I whispered to her. she turned to me and blushed.

" Thanks Ni. But you shouldn't lie to me. I can see through it."

I felt my jaw drop. " Did my ears deceive me? did you seriously just say that you aren't pretty?" she nodded and then added

" Ni, we're friends and im not going to lie to you, im not as pretty as give off that I am. Im just me," She smiled at me.

" this is me" She started undoing her seat belt as I pulled in to the big black gates surrounding her place.

"WOW" I gushed. " do you live her all by your self?"

" no mum and dad take the second level and the bottom west wing is their office and Ariana and I halved the third and the Fourth. the fourth is where we have storage, a tv room spare room, toilets, and of course our dance studio."

" That's awesome." I ran around and opened her door. She gathered up her tight pink cardigan and I closed her door.

" Ni, do you want to come in?"

" Are you sure?" she giggled.

" Of course Ni." she lead me in and the two security guards out the front opened the doors for us. " thanks James and Michael." She smiled at them and I watched her give them a $10 tip each.

They thanked her and we walked in. The lobby was amazing. the floor was a white marble and had two stair cases leading off. on either side of the room. (kind of like the mean girls two mansion) There was an amazing chandelier hanging above us and plants on either side of the doors we walked through. Straight through under the stairs lead to a set of grand double doors leading outside.

I followed Stella towards the right and we walked into a large kitchen. Here sat her parents talking about something to do with the stock market. They glanced up when Stella walked in and her mum rushed over.

" Mum this is Niall."

" Niall this is my mum and dad' Stella gestured towards the two.

" Please call me Joan." Her mum shook my hand.

" Nice to meet you Joan."

Her dad walked over and honestly it was a bit intimidating. " Im Edward."

He shook my hand but wasn't as hard as I was expecting.

" Stella, Your sister is upstairs she said something about wanting adjoin your rooms." Stella nodded and grabbed my hand pulling my upstairs.

We got to her level and I could hear giggling coming from one of the rooms. Stella walked over to it and I followed her in. The scene was weird. Ariana was laying on her bed as Frankie tickled her. Frankie looked up and walked over.

" Niall my man!" He shook my hand before pulling me in for a hug.

" How you doing Frankie?' He just nodded.


Stella's POV

''Wait you know each other?" I burst out. Ariana was stifling a giggle.

" Yes course, we meet at a pub." Niall answered. I just shook my head.

" Now Niall," Frankie turned to Niall. " You better look after my sister."

Niall blushed crimson.

" We're not going out." I answered for him.

" He dropped me home after I caught Jaxon with a----"

" STELLA JuILET GRANDE, you better finish that off with an annoying twat and not what I think your going to say!" Ariana yelled at me from her side of the room.

I nodded.

" OHHHHH, so Niall just wants to make out with you!' Frankie teased smirking.

I pulled Niall through a door in Ariana's room. which pulled us into my room.

To the left of where we walked through was the normal door into my room. Straight ahead was a window seat pilled with pink and glittery pillows and in front of us was my Double bed with a net hanging down from the celing. the walls were all white except for the feature wall behind my bed which was a pink glittery colour.

My bed also had pillows on it. I walked over to the desk by the window and sat down. the accessories on it were mostly pink but the desk itself was white. I loved my room and in the middle of the room at the foot of my bed was a white shaggy rug. beside my bed was a white cabinet and two doors.

One leading to my wardrobe and the other leading to the bathroom. I sat perched on the edge of the desk. Niall looked around the room until his eyes landed on me. He cautiously walked over to me and placed his hand on my cheek. He looked me in the eyes, glancing down at my lips and nose. He gently placed a small light kiss on my nose.

So light I couldn't guaranty he had even touched my nose. His lips brushed my for a moment before I gently leaned in.

Our lips moved in sync as I slid my hands up his chest and around his neck. We pulled away breathless. He leaned in. Our foreheads touching.

" I better go Stel" he whispered. His breath warming my cheek.

" kay." I moved my hands back to his chest. " see you tomorrow?"

" Sure." I glanced up at his eyes.

I searched them for any sign of emotion, and that's when I found it. Something I only thought existed in fairytales. I could be mistake but, no.

" Ill pick you up at 5:30 You can come to my place." I nodded and removed my hands from around his neck. He rubbed his thumbs on my hips in a circle.

" Ni?"

" Yeah Stel?"

" can we stay a secret please? I don't want the paps to find out im Ariana's sister, then ill always be in her shadow, always compared to her. I want to be me, famous and known for me." I asked moving my hands to the center of his chest, he tensed at my touch.

" Sure Stel." He kissed my cheek and headed out.

I sighed and flopped down on my bed, I grabbed out my phone and looked at it.

Febuary 1st, the day something began

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