Febuary 1st

Stella is every girls envy. She's gorgeous and talented. When she becomes the leader for a flashmob in the center of London, she goes viral. But she has not only camptured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres but Niall Horan too. Niall falls head over heels with Stella, a girl he's never met. Will he track her down?


4. incident

I stayed curled up in Niall's lap for hours. But I felt like I was pushing him away slightly. I thought I loved him, but now. I just don't know.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. I stood by the sink. Hands on either side of the basin. I heard footsteps behind me and looked into the window to see there reflection.


I turned around to face him.

" what do you want styles?" I questioned rather fiercely.

" well, if I didn't know any better."

I interrupted. " and you don't!" I commented.

He continued without batting an eye. " id say your pregnant!" He smirked sipping his water.

A sharp intake of breath sent my lungs into a spiral. " pregnant my arse, Harry!" I tensed my fingers around the cast. " I haven't.. Done it with Niall."

Harry put his glass done on the bench. " who says it's Niall's?" He walked up to me. So close I could feel his hips on mine. He reached down and lifted my shirt up revealing my stomach.

His hand skimmed my tummy making me tense.

" oh gosh, please Don't tell me you had an abortion?"

He sighed looking sincere for once.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I fell into Harry's chest. His hand rubbing the small of my back.

" rape," more tears. " I couldn't deal with it. Mum made me do it. She said I brought shame. " I sniffed and looked into Harry's eyes. He really was a charming, hot guy.

" please don't tell Niall!" I begged. Suddenly scared.

He sighed. " I won't love" he whispered cupping my cheek. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

He smiled and pulled me in for a hug. I let him as I wrapped my arms around his waist. Taking in the smell of his cologne.

I wiped my tears away with my thumb and walked back into the lounge. " Stella are we just friends or more?"

I sighed and pulled him onto the front porch. I sat down on the stairs and ran my fingers through my hair. Niall sat down next to me and looked at me.

" Ni, I love you, but I think we are taking our connection and forcing it. I think our relationship would work better if we stayed closer than friends but don't date."

He nodded then smiled. " well. I can protect you better now. Sis!" He chuckled bumping his shoulder into mine.

" yeah." I smiled. My phone started ringing and Niall walked inside. Sliding the bar across I put it too my ear.

" hey mum."

" honey are you on your way home?"

" yeah. Is everything thing kk?"

" no, Jaxon just arrived. Stay where you are. Everything's under control. I love you"

" why is he looking for me?" I asked frowning.

" he wants his son." Then the line went dead. I spun around and Harry was standing there. He frowned when he saw how worked up I was.

" love? Are you alright?" He asked grabbing my waist to steady me. I touched my tummy with my right hand.

" he's coming. He thinks his son is still alive." I fell into Harry's arms. He gripped my shoulders.

" shhh, shh. It's going to be ok." Harry whispered holding me in his arms.

We piled into the kitchen and I sat down. I played with a tread on the corner of my top.

The intercom came on. " I know she's here. I'm coming for her. If you give her to me everything will be fine but if you don't I'll kill for that baby!" His vial voice screeched.

Harry took me in his arms. " boys no time to explain. I'm taking Stella into the back room. Jaxon is coming." Harry pulled me towards the room at the back of the house and pulled me under the desk with him.

I snuggled my head into his shoulder and he placed his hand on the small of my back. I sobbed and he kissed my forehead.

That's when we heard the doors slam open. Harry kept his hand pressed to the small of my back, but we could hear Jaxon slamming doors but then the door to the room we were hiding in burst open. I clung to Harry and that's when the desk was knocked over. Harry picked me up and held me against him.

" well, wrll, well. Look what we have here." Jaxon spoke spinning a knife. He sounded drunk, he was slurring his words

" Jaxon just leave." Harry spoke.

" no! Stella. Lay down. On the couch or I'll kill Harry. And you know I will." I kissed Harry's cheek and did what Jaxon said.

" lift your shirt." I did but Jaxon lifted t higher. Revealing my bra. His hand grouped along my chest and I whimpered.

His hand moved down to my stomach where he pressed harder. I screamed in pain and jumped up. I ran to Harry's side where Harry pulled my shirt back down covering me. Jaxon was about to rage.

The knife spun in his hand, Harry was blocking me but I sidestepped him and I felt the knife cut through the skin on my stomach. I sunk deep into my flesh as I fell.

My vision went black and spotted with red, yellow and blue dots.

I felt Harry wretch the knife out of my stomach and press a hand to my wound but couldn't hear anything except the beat of my heart.

That's where it went black. I saved Harry and this is the result.

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