Febuary 1st

Stella is every girls envy. She's gorgeous and talented. When she becomes the leader for a flashmob in the center of London, she goes viral. But she has not only camptured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres but Niall Horan too. Niall falls head over heels with Stella, a girl he's never met. Will he track her down?


5. hospital concerts


I watched deaf, as Stella was lifted into the ambulance on a stretcher.

Rushing to her side, the ambulance shut the doors and we took off. Stella's hair was askew, her face as pale as a snow, and her floral shirt, stained with blood.

But besides all of this, she still looks beautiful to me. I gripped her hand and her eyes opened for a spilt second, before they were gone again.

The breathing mask placed upon Stella's face, didn't seem like it was working. The heart monitor was still only just blinking.

I've never run so fast in my life, nurses and doctors ran Stella's stretcher straight to the operating theatre. Catching up behind, I was quickly met with shut doors.

I was escorted to the waiting room in the ICU department, I watched as the children and babies played on the indoor playground, chasing each other. Pushing them down the slide.

Head in my hands, I didn't notice the small girl until she sneezed. My head sprung up.

" excuse me" she smiled. Her gold hair bounced on her shoulders.

" hi sweetie." I smiled.

" hi, um are you okay?" She asked twiddling her curls between her fingers.

" um, yeah, my girlfriend has just gone in for an operation" I smiled at the little ball of happiness in front of me.

" don't worry, I'm sure your girlfriend will be okay" I chuckled at her and gave her a hug.

" can I have a picture please?" She asked smiling.

I nodded my head and held the camera up for her.

She gave me a hug before running off to her mum.

I felt a presence beside me and noticed the boys.

" how are you Harry?" Liam asked sitting beside me.

Breathing deeply " I'll be okay. I haven't heard anything about Stella yet." I ran my hands through my hair, in an attempt to flatten it.

Seconds later a doctor charged into the room.

" Miss grande is doing well. She's awake and requesting your presence." He smiled leading us to her door.

I walked into the large room. There were four beds in the room. The one next to Stella was occupied by a small girl but the rest were empty.

I ran to Stella's side and kissed her forehead.

" love! How are you?" I gushed.

She giggled. " I'm doin okay, I suppose." Each of the boys took turns hugging her.

I gave her a quick peck before sitting down beside her. Behind the curtain beside Stella, came a cry.

I jolted to attention and listened. The girls walls were covered with our faces. I slipped around the curtain and bobbed down to the girl.

" hi sweetie!" I smiled.

" hi Harry!" She giggled, surprisingly calm.

" would it be okay with you if I sang you a song?" I asked her standing up.

She nodded her head furiously and laughed.

" what's your name love?" Niall asked from beside me.

" Mary Anne!" She smiled.

" ahh an Irish name i see!" He chuckled playing along with her.

" how old are you darling?" Louis asked sitting down next to her.

" I'm seven." She smiled holding up seven fingers.

" WOW!! Seven!! Your a big girl now!!" Liam smiled

She giggled.

" what song would you like us to sing love?" I asked her standing up.

" steal my girl please" she clapped.

" 1.....2.....3......4" Niall sang.

" everybody wants to steal my girl

Everybody wants to take her heart away

Couple billion in the whole wide world

Find another one cause she belongs to me" we finished.

She clapped her hands then pulled me down to her.

" is the girl in the bed next to mine Ariana Grande?" She asked smiling

I chuckled. " no love but that's Stella. Ariana's sister" I smiled at her. Her mouth dropped into a large O and she giggled.

" Stella?" I asked smiling. Stella's head appeared around the curtain.

" yes love?" She asked grabbing her phone.

" Mary Anne over here would like to have a photo with you. And then maybe we can sing a song with you?" I smiled helping Stella up.

Grabbing hold of her stomach, She leaned on me for support. The doctors let her change into her own clothes so that she was more comfortable. She was wearing a baggy grey jumper, an her favourite black leggings.

She looked hot!!!

I lifted Stella on to the stool beside me and we all posed for the photo.

Four songs later. The hospital room, was eerily quite. Only the beeping of Mary Anne's heart monitor was heard. The room smelt like sanitiser and the sheets felt like plastic beneath my legs.

The boys had headed home after Mary Anne had fallen asleep. I walked over to Mary Anne's parents and sat down Beside them.

" thank you for what you've done for her" the voice came out from a short lady, no older then 33. Her hair was going grey at the roots, clearly from stress. Her blue eyes looked odd amongst the bags around her eyes.

" it's fine, really. It was my pleasure. She's a beautiful little girl!" I gushed looked over at the sleeping girl.

" yeah." Her mum sighed. Hank, Mary Anne's dad, got up and shook my hand.

" thanks again son!" He smiled. I nodded and went back over to check on Stella. She was clearly on snapchat.

Arms outstretched in front of her. She pursed her lips. I chuckled and she looked up.

" what are you lookin at styles!!" She giggled quietly.

" a very pretty girl!!" Leaning down I kissed her forehead. She blushed crimson.

" what's the time Harry?" Stella yawned leaning into my chest.

"7:30 you tired babe?" I asked sliding in beside her. Immediately her arms wrapped around my torso and she fell asleep. I brushed the stray hair out from her eyes and watched her sleep for a bit.

" NO!!! NOT MY BABY!!" I jolted awake and rushed to stand up. Stella yawned beside me. That's when I noticed the white sheet covering Mary Anne's face.

I walked up to the mum and held her in my mums. Running my hand trough her hair, I shushed her. Hank kissed his daughters forehead before taking his wife from my arms.

I walked back over to Stella, her hands were covering her mouth, her pale pink nails glistened with mascara filled tears.

" Mary Anne passed away, At about 10:30" I sighed pulling Stella into my arms. She sobbed quietly.

" she got hit by a car, about a week ago, she got internal bleeding from it Harry!!" Stella whispered directly.

" okay love. I know!!" The tears fell silently down both our cheeks now.

" I don't think I want kids now Harry! "

Turning my head to look at Stella I asked. " why darling?"

" cause!! Look at what happened to Mary Anne!!" She sobbed harder now.

" it's okay love!! You have plenty of time to think and to wait okay?" I sighed brushing away her tears with my thumb.

Stella nodded and eventually she fell back to sleep.

I'm glad we have her that concert even more now. Takin one more glance at Stella. I closed my eyes. And fell asleep.

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