Febuary 1st

Stella is every girls envy. She's gorgeous and talented. When she becomes the leader for a flashmob in the center of London, she goes viral. But she has not only camptured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres but Niall Horan too. Niall falls head over heels with Stella, a girl he's never met. Will he track her down?


1. Febuary 1st

I watched closely as people milled around London square. I looked across the square and noticed Tori standing by ready to give the music guys the cue. I watched her and she gave me the thumbs up. I nodded and gave the same signal to Jaxon, who was ready to film. The first beat to the remix we had made began and people tried to find where it was coming from. I started dancing. My body moving to the music and remembering the choreography id made up. People spread out away from me.

As the song progressed seconds into it. My dance school began to join. And one, two three jump. We all jumped and spun. It hopefully went in sync. I noticed the group of  people surrounding us. Phones and Ipads up filming. Hours and months of practice all came down to this.

Slowly and steadily the music began to tone down and so did we. All landing with our hands on our hips. We stayed positioned like that for two seconds before going our separate ways. I walked over to Jaxon.

" Babe that looked amazing."
" Thanks, did you film the entire thing?"
" Yeah and it's already got posted like 200 times on Youtube." He smiled at me before leaning down to peck my lips. I grabbed my water bottle and took a swing.

" I wonder if anyone famous saw that." I stated looking at Twitter.
" Guess we'll find out soon enough babe."
" Yeah I guess. Anyway, what are we going to do now?"
" Well I was thinking that we treat ourselves to a shopping spree, seeing as we're in the centre of London."
" Sounds like fun, but can we go to the toilets I need to change. This stuff is all hot now."
" Ok sure, lets go." He wrapped his  arm round my waist and I grabbed my bag. We headed back to the car park and I grabbed my change of clothes. I climbed into the back seat of the car and pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white sweetheart top. It flared out at the base of the top. I matched this with a pair of white pumps. I checked my hair and makeup and everything was in order. I climbed out.

" Ahh, you look gorgeous babe," Jaxon whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek.

" Thanks babe. Let's goooooo." I grabbed his hand and pulled him along. He laughed at me as I waved down a cab. We climbed in and set off.

We pulled up outside a huge shopping complex. "Stell, I'm going to go in here. Is that ok?"
" Yeah I'm going to look in the jewellers anyway, I want a new necklace."

" Ok see you back here in half an hour" He pecked my lips and headed off. I walked into the jewellers.


I stood outside the toilets waiting for Harry. I was checking twitter when I came across a link i'd been sent. I opened it up and watched. The beat started off and this girl started dancing, she was amazing. The way she moved to the beat was incredible. she just didn't stop. They all jumped in sync and I smiled imagining how long it would have taken to get it this perfect. She looked a little bit like Ariana Grande, like I somehow recognised her.

I shut down twitter just as Harry came out.

" Come on little Nialler, I need to look in there." He pointed towards the jewellers and I just nodded. I followed behind Harry. When we arrived at the jewellers I looked around. I walked back over to Harry to see what he was looking at when I accidently bumped into someone.


I got knocked backwards and I ended up on the floor.

" Sorry babe let me help you. I looked up and noticed Niall Horan extending his hand. I reached up and grabbed it, hauling myself up. " thanks Niall."

" No probs....."
" Stella" I informed him shaking his hand.
" Nice to met you Stella. Wait a second..... are you Ariana Grande's sister?"
" Yeah I am actually. She's my big sister."
" Wow you look alike. Sorry, you probably hate that."
" Its cool. I don't mind actually."
" You do know that your flash mob is alllllll over twitter?"
" OMGosh you saw that?" I started to blush.
" Stella, I'm Niall Horan. I see everything." He joked, he smiled at me. HOLY SHIT that smile. Wait Stella stop thinking that, you have a boyfriend.

He smiled at me and I looked at the shelf behind him. That's when I spotted it. The charm i'd been looking for. It was me. I waved down the clerk and asked him.
" How much for the converse, charm?"
" $89.00"
" I'll take it thank you." I looked back over at Niall.

" Can I have your hand Stella?"

" Umm sure." I held out my hand for him.

" now close your eyes and no peaking." I did as he said.

'Open," I looked down into my hand. There sat a pair of enpointe ballet shoes. I gave him a hug.

" Niall there gorgeous thankyou."

" Well I figured you have a converse and now ballet shoes." He smirked at me before helping me put both the charms on to the chain. He did it up at the back for me. I turned around and looked into his eyes. He was leaning in and before I knew what I was doing. I was too. He pressed his lips on to mine and I jumped back.

" I..i have to go meet my boyfriend at... yeah bye. Thanks again."
" Oh god what have I done." I mumbled to myself.


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