Let's be unpredictable

"I'm here for you"

"Just leave before things get worse"


6. staying home from school

Alex p.o.v : I want to stay home today cuz I don't want to see Michael . He was really bothering me so I went in my room and found my blade and I was about to make a cut . But the door bell rang . So I put the blade in my hand behind my back . It was Michael .

"Hi alex why were you not here today at school"

" I hade a fever "

"Oh okay what's behind your back "

" I it's nothing I have to go now bye"

He put his foot stoping the door .

"What do you want now "

"Show me your wrist"


"Well I'm not leaving till you do"

Sorry for this crappy update the next one will be so much better I'll maybe update later in the day or night when I'm bored -Lauren 🐧

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