Let's be unpredictable

"I'm here for you"

"Just leave before things get worse"


2. new school

Alex P.O.V. I wake up from my alar ugh sigh ALEX GET UP MY MOM SCREAMED. so I get up and go to the bathroom and get in the shower . When I'm done I pick out my outfit a black tee and some black pants and my all black vans . I do my makeup it's very light just eyeliner and mascara . I get my backpack and my razor and I'm ready to go .

*In the car*

So I'm In the car and I pull out my headphones and I start listening to panic! At the disco . My mom was yelling at me about how bad my outfit looked I just sat there and turned up the volume . But have a good day at school honey

I just slammed the door.

*At school*

I walk in and everyone is staring at me . So I go to the front desk and get my schedule . My first period is math why so early and I hate it ugh .

I go to my locker and get my stuff for math . When I'm on my way to math class I bump In to this guy

Michael P.O.V.

Oh I'm so sorry I didn't see you there .

It my fault sorry . She said

What's your name ?

A- Alex .

We'll I'll see you around Alex .

Okay bye .

So I go to my math class and I see Alex so I sit right next to her so I can get to know her better .

Hey Alex I whisper .

U - um hi

Want to sit at lunch together at lunch .

Um yeah sure .


As I was looking at her I reslized she had a lot of bracelets on her right arm less than her left . Kinda strange but I wear them to so .

I want to know more about her but idk if she would like me ,


so I feel like this chapter is a lot better than the first but the end was a little boring but if you have any ideas for the next chapter kikb@/ selenamarix653 the Michael p.o.v. Was not that easy but I hope y'all like my fanfiction ily y'all 😘❤️

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