A True Inspiration!

So your proberly thinking am I the girl on the cover, I'm afraid not!
Hope I haven't let you down.Im writing this to tell you a story about a girl I heard Molly Burke a true inspiration!


1. She's Amazing!

I have spent a lot of free time volunteering and fund raising for charities and because of my efforts I got to go to weday a celebration sort of a well done for your work or a your work has not gone unnoticed.I was one of the thousands who went.All school kids,volunteers and the teachers.Man it was the coolest thing ever.

There were quite a few celebrity's there, I usually don't like to boast but I think this might be an exception.Prince Harry,Richard Branson, Ellie goulding, Dizzie rascal,Birdy just mentioning a few and that was just the one for this year.

Weday is a day for people to be aware of bulling and helping out.To help the word spread they had special guests like malala and Molly and a few other amazing speakers and each and every one of there story's stuck out with a new thing to take home with you, a new skill or a new little boost you may have needed.You see each and everyone of there story's stay in your head for the next few weeks with you just trying to figure out how someone could be so mean and violent towards someone! It just seemed to be or have been impossible until it's done but the story that struck me by surprise was Molly Burke's Story!!!

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