2 stories 1 lies

Characters like real people, monsters beyond this earth. Twists which will tangle you up, it's whole lot more then just a story that can kill you in third. What if what you think is your dream is actually yourself in different time and a different reality ? 1 story 2 Authors what can go wrong?


4. You get it you keep it

                                                                                         Ethan Milers

Nothing here, no one talking, i know that its too late. But sometime it get so hard to pretend that everything is OK. It only took 1 breathe, 1 word and 1 life to change a heart. 2 words, 1 lies and  3 steps to make a brand new start. Question is where do we start? In my memory all the small things are daggers in my mind. I took a deep breath to rethink. What have i do in the last eight month? Beside breaks , burn and torn? As i look in to the mirror i saw my self. White knuckle and sweating plam form holding on to tight. What am i holding on? The broken past or the unknown future?

"Ethan! are you coming out?" My 13 year old sister ,Lucy, shouted from the other side of the door. In her voice i can hear irritate. I chuckle softly. Slowly i open my bedroom door and face her.

"How may i help you?" i said. Beside her a man dress in black stood quietly, leaning on the wall.

"He was looking for..  for you" Lucy stutters as she walk into my room. Her skin was as pale as pale can get. The man walk up to me.

"Ethan miller i expect?" he said coldly, it equally as cold as his eyes. Pitch black.

"What do you need" i hiss. The man chuckle with a plain expression.

"You even hiss like him" he said with somewhat hope.The atmosphere become tense.

"Who do you live with?"he ask. What kind of question is that?

"Why would i tell you?" slowly i back away from him. Again he chuckle.

"You been living in your dream for too long my son"......his son.

"Die die we all going to die" i heard Lucy sang. i spun around but she was no longer there. No one was. Suddenly i heard a scream of the roof. The place i never go.

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