2 stories 1 lies

Characters like real people, monsters beyond this earth. Twists which will tangle you up, it's whole lot more then just a story that can kill you in third. What if what you think is your dream is actually yourself in different time and a different reality ? 1 story 2 Authors what can go wrong?


6. The run away meeting

Nightmares. All of them are facing it.


Summer: Death from someone she know

Silver: Death from someone she doesn't know

Emma: Lost in the unknown

Ethan : Lost in the world he think he know

Navid: To not know anything.


Have you seen the connection between them? The connection of known and unknown. Lost and Death. Then there one who live through everything yet he doesn't know anything. They all running from something they know then they will meet at the run away meeting. 

The past is watching, the present is letting go while Winter Light is waiting. 


Winter Light

The lights sky began to close. The sun is no longer shone. Slowly snowflakes glides like a bird , landed softly on the open fields. Not long now before the angel come out for their night shift. There for i have to walk faster or else i might go to heaven. Lights started to fade as i walk closer and closer to hell. Already i can hear their voices echoing through the wind. They are closer now, my leg please picked up the speed. i can see the door, i am nearly there but so are they. The door unlocked but my back was pulled with such a force. Behind me the angel smile.

It’s smile was so apologetic but i wonder why. No longer shall i wonder it’s smile had long gone then replace with anger and jealous. My end has not yet come.

“Be calm” It’s said as it’s friend arrived.They all look the same, as though they were created together. Wind rush past me as the door behind me close. Though it was not open.

"Picking on the young devils now are you angel?" Voice behind me spoke. I could not move. As if the angel paralyzed me.i froze. He found me, i can go home.

Author Fazia

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