2 stories 1 lies

Characters like real people, monsters beyond this earth. Twists which will tangle you up, it's whole lot more then just a story that can kill you in third. What if what you think is your dream is actually yourself in different time and a different reality ? 1 story 2 Authors what can go wrong?


1. 'the beginning'

    Summer Kramer

Summer, so bright but  her heart was the darkest. She would try her best to make you hate her but the truth as always been, she was afraid. Afraid? That she will have a reason to stay alive. You see her life isn't as happy as yours happens to be. Had to face her mother's death at the age of twelve and had to face her father's abuse. Nobody knew but that's how she wants to keep it. At the age of 15 she got a tattoo on her neck of a dying rose, two petals fall as the rose hangs. At the age of 16 she got two piercing, one on her upper lip to resemble a 'beauty spot' and one on her up turned nose with a silver ring piercing through it. At the age of 17 she tried to commit suicide, at the age of 18 she plans to success it.

Tuesday evening,

"You're such a waste of space, you ruin everything!" Her father rages, she held her gaze as she held her fragile  ground .

"Speak!" He shouted as he made his way to her, her delicate body pressed against the cold hard wall.

"You know what, you can do us all a favour and die!" He said as threw a punch to her face. She held her jaw as she tried to not look into his cold eyes. No soul of mercy can be seen from his eyes. More punches and kicks he delivered as she held herself in a small ball, to protect herself from the monster in her presence.

After he left she crawled to her mattress and held her breathe for it to all end but gasped for air. Her emerald green eyes watered like a stream.

"Die, he says? Well that he will get." she whispered to herself, but she noticed somebody else listening.  She sees nobody but feels the presence.

"Why are you always here when this happens?" She speaks but expects no reply however this time she was wrong, very wrong.

"You will found out soon,lovey" It replied with out a form.Darkness soon takes over the cold room she's in. Her head slams to the pillow as her nightmare begin to replay.

 By Author Smiley<3


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