2 stories 1 lies

Characters like real people, monsters beyond this earth. Twists which will tangle you up, it's whole lot more then just a story that can kill you in third. What if what you think is your dream is actually yourself in different time and a different reality ? 1 story 2 Authors what can go wrong?


5. Someone from your past

                             Navid Mason

In this big world we all live in, if something we don’t know of. We attend to get frightened and sometimes when we don’t know people, we get threatened by their existences. Sometimes we get frightened of a creature we know nothing about. But this impractical creature is a human but a very special one. Who is this creature? His Navid Mason. When he was young, he lost something and that something never came back. The something scarred me. Every time the door swings open, he finds his hopes lost. Nobody knows about him or that time of his life, it’s like a book with a missing chapter. When you figure that a chapter isn’t there, you get curious and ask questions. The questions are never answered. But after years he learnt something. He doesn’t age; death never did its part. Serve events proved his theory. His power isn’t something you want, everyone dies. Every person he meets someday die living him to grieve. Grieve, over the missing chapter and how he got the power or gift. He never knows how he got it but he does no something, his not the only one. 

Tuesday Evening

He walked down the streets of Hope city; it is a cold dark night the world screaming at him. The lights piercing his jewel blue eyes, the city never sleeps nor does he, from the nightmares.

“Ay Mason!” A guy shouted as he walked forward following by two other guys.

‘Hello?” Navid says as he turned around to a punch.

“Where is she?!” The monster shouted,

“Who?” Navid plays dumb,

“You know Mason, the one who took your death.” The other standing next to the guy says.

“If she did take my death, should not you be looking for a coffin?” He asks, he receives a kick in the stomach twice.

“And now you tell us the truth” The guy who gave the kicks speaks, 

"Yeah I think you should kick more, I don’t really know what you guys want.” Navid says.

“Mason?” A girl’s figure comes in view.

“Who are you?” Navid asks,

“Someone from your history.” She says and then the three men are thrown to the brick wall.

“What?” Navid turns around but nobody is there. He dusts himself off and walks away like nothing happened. ‘Someone from your history’ He replays it over and over till he finds himself at his flat. He combs back his hair with his hand as he walks into his flat.

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