2 stories 1 lies

Characters like real people, monsters beyond this earth. Twists which will tangle you up, it's whole lot more then just a story that can kill you in third. What if what you think is your dream is actually yourself in different time and a different reality ? 1 story 2 Authors what can go wrong?


2. Enough sanity

  Silver Cassidy

I was running for my life. My feet began to burn as it contact with the ground too rapidly.  The air was cold, freezing in fact but that was the very least of my worry right now. I can hear his footstep closer every short breathe i take. Sweats start to form on my forehead. Suddenly a warm pair of arm wrap around my waist .

"No go back! Just wake up" His voice rang in my ears. With so much pain. Then the monster face flashes before my eyes. You know how they said that before you die you saw the movie of your whole life. From the very beginning to the where you are now. But i did not saw mine i saw .....

The alarm clock ring with the most hideous screech you could ever heard. I swing my arm to attempt to stop the alram but it miss and hit something very hard.  My head. I popped up from my bed with littlest effort. My legs was stinging so badly. Like i been running for ever.

"Honey breakfast is ready!" i heard my step mum rich american voice from down stairs. I brush my hand through my tangle not-so-free hair. My head still hurting from.. i don't know when. The morning air float into my room from the open window sent shiver down my spine. i was about to yell back to her that i'm coming down when something stop me.

"No Silver i heard that too!" i heard my other mum said from the back yard. For a secound my mind went black.

" Listen Silver" Both of my mums yell. The air around me become tense. I locked the door and race back to my bed. A voice in my head slowly whisper.

"How real is it?" again and again the voice repeated. There was a knock on my door. A knock so powerful it create a crack on my oak door.

"Come out where every you are!" her voice sound so kind but the end of it as poisonous ans well poison.

"GTFO Silver Get the fudge out." i said to my self as i made my way to the window. When a face of a doll pop up. A creepy porcelain doll.

"Die die we are all going to die" She sang. The doll launch toward me. Grip me tight like an iron. Then i saw him.

By Author Fazia

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