Oliver Sykes is one of the most misunderstood rock artists in the UK, but when he meets Anastasia, will he get his second chance to turn things around?


1. Can you feel my heart?

Anastasia's POV

    "Goodbye, Oliver. And goodluck!" I said, waving to my webcam. He blew me a kiss and logged off. He sent me pictures of him and the band every day since he left for America. The home of the greed. Hopefully what I had taught oliver would stick in that gooey brain of his. I have to learn to trust him though, but I'm not so sure this was a good idea. Perhaps I should have went with him....

twelve months prior, Oliver's POV

"Hey man, whats up?" I say, greeting my clothing photographer. we fist bump and he introduces me to our new model, Anastasia.

"Ello love. Nice to meet you, I'm Oliver." I say, kissing the back of her palm.

"Oh please," she giggles. "How do you know its nice to meet me? I could be a complete twat for all you know." she smiles.

"well I suppose i'll have to find out for myself then, Yeah?" She nods her head and leads me to the racks of merchandise.

"Oli, I think I will have you wear the Logo vest today. Sound good?" She asks, her voice laced with a heavy British accent. which sounded very cute with her sweet voice. I nodded and pulled her closer to me by her waist.

    "I think I'm going to like you," I whispered.

    "Oh really? Well I just might happen to like you afterall." She says, winking at me and walking into her dressing room. Hmm, I'd defiantly need to get her number before I leave today.

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