The Green House

There's a place i go sometimes. Where i can escape everything. The laughing, the pointing, the gossip, but most importantly, the bullies. I call this place, The Green House. I discovered it about a year ago when i moved in with my great uncle. In The Green House, I am always alone. Little did i know The Green House isn't as fun as i seem.


2. The Green House




All those sounds have become immune to me. After all i have been coming here since god knows when. Its just so calming. The river, the ocean, the big grassy field, and the forest. Im the only one who knows about it. Not a person in sight.

I breathed in a deep breath. Enjoying every minute i have until my uncle gets back. He has been gone for 3 weeks on a business trip, he's going to want to see me.

I sighed and walked to the river I sank down into a crouch, the to a sitting positon. I cupped my hands and dipped them in the water. I splashed the water on my face.

As i walked back to my bench, i pulled out my phone. 4:55.

I had to be in the living rom looking all expensive in 20 minutes. I dashed into the forest looking for the ivy path.i quickly found it and sprinted down the ivy/stone road, until i got to the clearing. Which is basically a little clearing where a few trees should have been.

I stepped on the little gazebo and took my charm out.

"Come on, go go go." i quietly said, obviously trying to get it to go faster. I closed my eyes and in a matter of seconds heard a loud boom. Suddenly my feet touched the soft carpet in my room. I opened my eyes. I looked down, i squished my feet between the blue furry carpet.

I took a quick shower and quickly slipped n my outfit. I ran downstairs and stood by the door just in to hear the front door open and then close.

I sighed. No more Green House for me for awhile.

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