The Green House

There's a place i go sometimes. Where i can escape everything. The laughing, the pointing, the gossip, but most importantly, the bullies. I call this place, The Green House. I discovered it about a year ago when i moved in with my great uncle. In The Green House, I am always alone. Little did i know The Green House isn't as fun as i seem.


3. Great Uncle


Hey guys tell me how you like it so far! I think its going good! So comment and all that crap!


"Miss Clarissa!" my butler Ian exclaimed "Where have you been!" He had worry written all over his face.

"I was just umm... well i was, Reading!" I yelled that last part pretty loud "Yeah! I was reading, I got kind of sucked in I guess you could say..."

Ian didn't look convinced.

"Don't judge me!" I exclaimed enthusiastically, "You have your hobbies," I paused giggling at Ian's expression. He went from blushing to looking full out mortified. "And i have mine!" I finished big.

"Im terribly sorry Miss Clarissa! I will never question you again." He stammered.

"Thank you." I said calmly and started quickly fixing my hair before my uncle came in.

We stood in silence for a few minutes when the door burst open.

"Clarissa!" my uncle exclaimed excitedly "My dear!" He picked me up and swung me around. Its not that he doesn't love me because obviously he does, he just has so much work! Its hard fro him to have a lot of time with me. He would always say how bad he feels about leaving me for weeks at a time. I would always tell him its totally cool, which it is! More Greenhouse time for me, if you know what i mean (insert winkyface here) So back to Uncle.

He started attacking me with questions like "Were you good? What did you do while i was gone? How are you now?Most of my answers were good yes and no. (Note the maybes...)

Then he said something to me i never thought he would say.

"Clarissa, i need to talk to

"Its about your family..."

I froze. The words leaving me shocked. I replayed the words over and over again in my head. Suddenly the room started spinning and i saw a flurry of colors, then the darkness took over me. The last thing i heard was thump of my head hitting the floor

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