Styles twins

Darcy and Alice are Harry styles secret daughters.He is 20 and they are 4.Harry has never told anybody about them.Only Gemma,Anne and Robin know about her.He never tells them about there mother.Even the boys don't know about them!Harry is gone on tours and only sees them on his breaks.He only spends time with THEM on breaks.What happens when Harry has had enough time away from the two little people that take his heart,and has them go with him on tour?


3. chapter 3

Harry's POV

'I was surprised of what I saw'

Alice was laying on the couch with a donut in her hand watching tv.

"What the heck are you Doing?!daddy was super worried!!where did you get the donut?"

"There was a box over there with a post it note on it."


I ran to her grabbed the donut ran to the box and put it in right before Niall came in not knowing a thing.

"Hey look I'm sorry man for what happened earlier I was being a selfish ignorant asshole"those words that came out of Nialls mouth surprised me.

"It's ok man!just don't do it again like they are my baby's......Like I may be 19 nearly 20 but it doesn't mean I won't beat the shit out of someone who did anything to Alice or Darcy"

"I totally under stand!"

"Good"I smiled."now come on there are 2 little girls I want you to properly meet"

"Ok..."I chuckled and led the way to where Alice sat.

"Hey babes c'mere"

"But daddddddyyyyyyyy they were about to save the kittttteeeennnnn"

"To bad missy we can watch it later"I laughed

"Urgggggghhhh fine hold up a second"She stood up and stretched and walked over.She lazily reached her hands up.

"Like father,like daughter"niall chuckled.

I picked her up and carried her to the room where everyone was.Everyone stopped and looked up and went silent.

"Hey look guys I'm really sorry I was being.....a grumpy person today"he apologized.

"We fogivez you"Darcy chirped.

Darcy came over to me and I picked her up.

"Niall this is Darcy"

"Hi Wiall!!"

"Hey Darcy!"

"And this is Alice,you too will get along good because you both are obsessed with 5sos more then your daddy's band"I bopped Alice on the nose"and your own band!"I pointed to niall.He laughed

"Who's your favorite?"

"Ummm Mikey!!"she exclaimed"I wanna mawwy him!!he's sooooo not hot!!!"

"Woah missy there will be 0 marriage in your life time and especially not with someone 11-12 years older than you.Who taught you the word hot?and how do you know he isn't hot?"

"Ummmmm My daycare teacher says at recess when I sneakily stay in,she has a poster with you on it under her desk and before the end of recess she whispers

"Wish me luck hottie"and she kiss it.I don't call Mikey hot because I don't want to call Mikey what people call my daddy!"

"Hahaha understandable"

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