Styles twins

Darcy and Alice are Harry styles secret daughters.He is 20 and they are 4.Harry has never told anybody about them.Only Gemma,Anne and Robin know about her.He never tells them about there mother.Even the boys don't know about them!Harry is gone on tours and only sees them on his breaks.He only spends time with THEM on breaks.What happens when Harry has had enough time away from the two little people that take his heart,and has them go with him on tour?


2. chapter 2

Darcy's POV

After Alice went on daddy's lap she fell asleep.I didn't though.I was pretending to sleep when I over heard a conversation

"What the fuck Niall?!They are trying to be nice to you and your being a dick!"

"Fuck off Harry,they are just little bitch's anyway"the blonde shrugged.

"You know what Niall?!fuck you I'm leaving!"I felt daddy carefully stand up grab me and Alice and walked out and went to a different room.After about 10 minuets of sitting there,I heard the door open.I was on my daddy's right leg and Alice was on his left.Both our arms around his neck,and I was about to fall asleep again.My head was on his shoulder and so was Alice's

"Harry?"someone politely whispered.

"What?"he snapped back.

"Niall is being a total dick head right now so can we join you?"the person asked.

"*sigh*sure Liam,just be quiet ok?"

"K"I then heard about 6 pairs of feet come paddle in.

"They are so cute!"I heard a girl squeal.Thats when me and Alice slowly opened our eyes and looked around.I couldn't believe my eyes!!perrie Edwards from THE band little mix was here.My eyes widened and I gasped.

"Y-your Pewwie Edwards..?!?!?!?"

"Ya!are you a fan?"she smiled kindly.

"Y-yes!!!!!"I started jumping up and down on daddy's lap.He ground and I looked at him with wide eyes

"Daddy are you ok?!did I hurt you?!im sowwey!!!"

"No,no it's ok"

Harry's POV

Ouch she started bouncing up and down on my leg and she elbowed me in the crotch.I looked at perrie pleadingly and she nodded.

"Hey c'mere"perrie smiled.Darcy looked at me and I nodded.She jumped off my lap and ran to perrie.Alice isn't a fan of little mix,she's more of a 5sos fan.Well we have a surprise for them.Little mix and 5sos are touring with us!!

Alice's POV

I started to get bored so I put my legs either side of daddy and looked him in the eyes and said


"Yes baby?"

"Can I play with your hair while you sing me a song?"

He smiled and nodded.He started singing everything about you.While I played with his hair.I put my elbows on his shoulders and lightly grabbed one of his curls and put it over his nose.I giggled and he chuckled and tried blowing it off.But it wouldn't move.Aunt Gemma taught me how to braid last summer so I'm really good at it.So I started braiding,once I was done I showed daddy by putting it in front of his eye

"Did you braid my hair?"

"Yep!isn't it pretty?"




"I'm hungy"

"Hmm ok...Darc,LOU,Louis,zayn,perrie,Eleanor,Liam are any of you hungry?"

A round of yas came from around the room.

"Ok I will be right back."he then set me down and left.I looked at Darcy playing with perrie and I got bored.Every one had a little chatting buddy,so I just looked around and saw a corner so I quietly climbed in it and started to look around until I saw daddy's phone.So I picked it up and there was a lock!so I tried until I thought of my birthday!my friends daddy's phone password is her birthday!so I typed in

February 14,2010

And it worked!so I looked at his many apps until I saw the I took a bunch of silly selfies.I got bored so I played this game called flappy bird.I only got to 3 though:/that's when I got even more bored so I left and went to another part of the plane.

Harry's POV

Right after I got every one food I went back to the room and only saw 1 of the twins,I started to panic

"I see 1/2of my children,where is Alice?!"

"She was sitting right there right after you left!"zayn said.I started to pace back and forth.

"Fuck!where is she?!ALICE WHERE ARE YOU?!THIS ISNT FUNNY ALICE DONT SCARE DADDY!!!"I started to get frustrated and scared so I stormed out of the room and looked around.

I was surprised of what I saw......

What do you think he saw?i won't tell ya you just have to read on!!!!!

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