Mia June

They said after my dad committed suicide and I was put into a mental facility that I would never live a normal life. And they were right I didn't I lived and extraordinary one. My name is Mia June and this is my story.


2. The Beginning

The beginning of my story started when I was sixteen. It was the day my mom left, the day my dad shut me out of his life and the first time I felt worthless.

"I am done with both of you! I am done with living a poor life! Neither one of you deserve me!"

"Tia please don't leave! I promise I'll try harder find a better job, we can move to a richer city just don't leave we need you."

"Dad, don't even try she's not worth it. If she thinks that she is to good for you then she never deserved to be part of your life."

"Oh, Mia I don't think I'm above your dad but I am also above you. Do realize how embarrassing it is for me to be the mother of some worthless high-school drop out."

"Get out of my house!"

"Mia don't yell at your mother."

"Dad don't you get it she is not my mom! She isn't the woman you thought you married! All she is is a self absorbed drunk!"

Then my so called mom left slamming the door and my dad went into his room where he stayed locked up for about the next six years. The only time I saw him was when he came out for food. He would always look at me with red eyes and a lifeless expression. He never had to say anything I could tell from the way he looked and the way he walked, that night when mom left I took the only thing he ever cared about out of his life. And he would never see me as his daughter again he would just see me as some monster.

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