Make harry fall for me? Thats easy.

Ashley Paterson was the most popular girl in school and she had every thing she wanted, but there was Eva Charjilb her enemy to death. What happens when someday she told her to make the only Harry Styles fall for her so she wont make her miserable anymore?


1. Chapter 1

Ashley's P.O.V

"Ashley, Wake up already it's your last day at school you don't want to get late!" My mom was shaking me trying to wake me up.

"Ugh mon give me 5 more minutes!" I murmured turning to the oposite direction.

"No no no no, no more minutes! Told you, you should of listened to me when i told you to stop watching Pretty Little Liars!" I letted out a small sigh knowing that shes right. I got up heading to my bathroom, i washed my face and my hair then blowed dryied it I din't have enough time to shower my body too. Then i got back to my room and wore a Chanel dress with a Gucci jacket and some Prada sandals nothing too special, then i just took my louis vuitton bag with my keys and got to my car and drove to my school, I was 15 minutes late, AGAIN. I bet my french teacher is going to read me a verry nice lecture today.

So i got to my class room opening the door thinking for a lie i can pull off. "Ashley why are you late again?" She asked me putting on a mad face on. "Umm.. Hmm.. U-ummm My.. I.. Setted my alarm on 7am instead of 6am by accident..." What was that?..... That was the lamest lie i ever pulled off... Wait i dint really pull it off..... "Miss Paterson this is the last time im acting like i haven't hearded that but this will be the last time if not, you won't be that happy coming to my class anymore." Ughhh i hate this teacher " Yes miss." I turned arround and sat on a desk that i found no one was sitting on it. " Et c'est pourquoi l'adjectif qualifitive vien apres un nom" And all i heared was just "Blah blah blah blah blah blah...." Then i heard the bell ringing so i just took my bag and got out oofnthe class room then got to my locker putting in it my books that i don't need for my next class then i realized my best friend Amalia came to me, we had the same classes "Ashley like really why did u get late?" She questioned me with a kind of dissapointed look "Well, i coudn't wake up this morning since last night season 3 of Pretty Little Liars was up and i surely directly buyed it i may stayed up all night watching it...maybe... "She started laughing at me then i just joined her and i keeped laughing until my enemie to death came Eva "Well lets see what are the 2 losers doing..." She rolled her eyes "Oh please if anything ur the only loser in this school and everybody knows that plus just go with it i won the proom queen" i letted out a small chuckle "Oh well miss Paterson u need to do wayyy more than that to be more popular to me other than winning Prom Queen" "It sounds like a challenge to me" "well it is i bet u can't get Harry Styles to fall for you" "Well it's on hun and don't wear soo mich makeup not for looking like a clown, For when i win so not much makeup would rain down" I high-fived Amalia, and Eva just rolled her eyes and got away.

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