A Different Faery Tale.

Sarah's life is quite average. She has one father, one mother, two twin younger sisters and an older brother. She has just finished university and still lives with her parents . One day her parents die in a car accident. Her and her brother are left to fend for themselves, and the twins get taken into care. She gets a job and an apartment. Soon after, strange things start happening: things are moving, reflections when there's nothing and soon Sarah's up to here ears in trouble. Trapped in faery world with no way back, she discovers she's a faery and so are her sisters. They soon join her in the strange world and the three of them must learn to morph before it's too late.


2. What Happened Next.


                                                     T H R E E  W E E K S  L A T E R


Everyone at my parents' funeral cried, even my brother, big,strong Jack. I got the job and it's good pay, so I should be able to get an apartment soon. My sisters are getting looked after by carers because they're only 15, and Jack already lives on his own. I'm staying at Isabelle and Elise's carers' home. I think her name's something like Louisa? Anyway, I've seen a lovely apartment that's also quite cheap. In two weeks I'll be able to buy it, but for now I've managed to get it reserved for me.

Izzy and Ellie will be allowed to come and visit me every so often. As soon as I've time to fill out the forms, I'll adopt the twins. But I'll still treat them like sisters. Just so long as Jack doesn't get there first. Ha ha ha!!! But he doesn't have time. His fiancée, Annie, is expecting a baby girl in 3 months time. At my new job I'm an assistant to the vet. It's a pretty good job. Great pay, great location, weekends off and good holidays. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, a reasonable-sized living room, a kitchen/dining room, a bathroom and OK storage. Plus it's in a good neighbourhood. I'm really looking forward to living there.

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