A Different Faery Tale.

Sarah's life is quite average. She has one father, one mother, two twin younger sisters and an older brother. She has just finished university and still lives with her parents . One day her parents die in a car accident. Her and her brother are left to fend for themselves, and the twins get taken into care. She gets a job and an apartment. Soon after, strange things start happening: things are moving, reflections when there's nothing and soon Sarah's up to here ears in trouble. Trapped in faery world with no way back, she discovers she's a faery and so are her sisters. They soon join her in the strange world and the three of them must learn to morph before it's too late.


3. Strange Things.

I moved into my new apartment and got all settled in. My bedroom is REALLY big. I've got a double bed, a massive wardrobe with a massive mirror and a en-suite bathroom. The apartment had all furnishings when I moved in, which is lucky else I'd be sleeping on an air-bed!!! Work's OK. It's a bit boring but it's worth it. Apparently I'm doing really well at my job, so I might get promoted soon.

One day I went into my apartment, and everything was completely and utterly silent. It's NEVER, EVER silent here. I went into my room and I saw that things had been moved around. Not like someone had burgled me, but more like someone had been rearranging things. I heard a squeak and I turned round, one of the vases was floating through my bedroom doorway. I gasped and it dropped to the floor and smashed into tiny pieces. Oh my god!!! I thought. This cannot be happening!!! I rubbed my eyes, but the broken vase was still there, I was getting really freaked out, so I grabbed my handbag and went to the mall. When I got back, the house wasn't quiet, it didn't have floating vases, either. But the broken vase was still there, and nothing had moved back to it's normal place. I'm starting to wonder if this place was the right place for me.

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