A Different Faery Tale.

Sarah's life is quite average. She has one father, one mother, two twin younger sisters and an older brother. She has just finished university and still lives with her parents . One day her parents die in a car accident. Her and her brother are left to fend for themselves, and the twins get taken into care. She gets a job and an apartment. Soon after, strange things start happening: things are moving, reflections when there's nothing and soon Sarah's up to here ears in trouble. Trapped in faery world with no way back, she discovers she's a faery and so are her sisters. They soon join her in the strange world and the three of them must learn to morph before it's too late.


1. Sarah.

I got out of bed and got dressed. Then I had my breakfast and brushed my teeth. Finally I brushed my hair and went out the door. My friend, Amy, and I walked to the shopping centre. I bought this pretty little necklace with a green gem in it 'cos it's supposed to bring luck and Amy got a new dress. My name's Sarah. I'm 25 years old and this is my daily routine. I've got two younger twin sisters -Isabelle and Elise- that are 15 years old and an older brother, Jack, who's 27. My parents are cool. They don't interfere with my life or question what I do. I just finished uni with a veterinary degree but I haven't found a job yet and I can't do much without a job, can I? Mum and dad don't mind me staying in the house. To be honest I don't think they wont me to leave. They can worry a bit if I'm not home before midnight but other than that they just continue on with life as normal, and don't worry about me.

When I got home, mum and dad were looking at me funny and I got a sick feeling in my stomach "What is it?" I said, "you might as well tell me what." They gave each other a look that meant they were clearly worried as to how I would react. "Don't take this the wrong way, honey......." started my mother. "But your father and I have managed to find you a job." It took my brain a moment to digest this news, and at first I was very confused. Did this mean they wanted me to move out? Where would I live? ,Like he could hear my thoughts, my father said,"don't worry, we don't want you to move out. We haven't found an apartment for you yet." I nodded slowly. "The veterinary clinic is quite close, 3 minutes drive from here," he continued, "the job interview is on Monday which is....... only two days time!!!! You need to go shopping for some smart clothes to wear." I nodded at him.

That is why I'm sitting here, in a hard plastic chair in the vet's clinic waiting room as a nurse calls me into the office. It's quite stuffy and the new top I bought from primark suddenly feels very tight.

Phew! I'm soooo glad that's over!!! When I got home it was really quiet, but that wasn't unusual. My parents like a bit of peace and quiet. What was strange, however, was that Jack was at home. Jack is NEVER at home. He's got a job, a fiancée (they're getting married next year) and an apartment. He only comes home for special occasions like Christmas. So why was he here now? What was just as unnerving, was that the twins were huddled on the sofa, crying. Jack took a deep breath, "Sarah, this isn't going to be easy." He mopped his sweaty brow, I was getting worried. Not much unnerved my brother. The news must be really bad. "Mum and Dad went swimming today. On the way back the road was closed, so they took the diversion. There was a speeding truck and the lane was too small and,oh I'm so sorry Sarah, they were hit by the truck. Our parents," he made a sound like he was choking. He inhaled deeply, "sorry, Sarah, but they're.......dead"

I gasped and sank to the floor. My eyes filled with tears and I started crying like I've never cried before.

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