A Different Faery Tale.

Sarah's life is quite average. She has one father, one mother, two twin younger sisters and an older brother. She has just finished university and still lives with her parents . One day her parents die in a car accident. Her and her brother are left to fend for themselves, and the twins get taken into care. She gets a job and an apartment. Soon after, strange things start happening: things are moving, reflections when there's nothing and soon Sarah's up to here ears in trouble. Trapped in faery world with no way back, she discovers she's a faery and so are her sisters. They soon join her in the strange world and the three of them must learn to morph before it's too late.


4. Izzy and Ellie.


I got promoted, which means twice as much action and half the hours for twice as much money!!!!! I am now a Junior Veterinary Nurse. Which means that, since I have so much time on my hands, I can adopt the twins!!!!!!! They would've been able to move next month anyway, because they turn 16, but, since they were going to move in with me anyway, I just sped up the process!!!

I have have just filled out the forms and, if I'm accepted, I can pick them up next week!!!

1  w e e k  l a t e r

Well, I picked the twins up yesterday and they seem to be settling in quite well. We're going to one of those cheap furniture stores today so the twins can 'put their mark' on their rooms. Frankly, I'm not sure whether to just be slightly apprehensive and nervous or absolutely terrified on how they intend to do this but, oh well. When we got into the shop, the twins immediately disappeared. I had a little look around and found the most exquisite mirror. It was full-length and had a mixture of gold, silver and ebony colored leaves around the outside. Suddenly the twins were either side of me. I lifted up the price tag. It was only a tenner!!!! When we got home, the twins were bickering about whose room the mirror should go in "Girls!!!! Stop bickering, the pair of you, I bought the mirror, so it goes in my room" more bickering ensued. Suddenly I had a great idea. "Do you know what? I think it should go in the living room, after all, it's the room that guests first enter and the mirror will make it look so lovely" After this the twins' bickering turned into murmuring and, though I couldn't hear what they were saying, they seemed to have reached some sort of agreement they nodded their heads and so we propped the mirror up where everyone would be able to see it.

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