Lucy's Life

Lucy is a little girl who has quite a tough life. It seems like bad luck but she has to be strong and live through it, even when it gets hard.


2. Sad days

Lucy spent nearly a week in her room alone without food or drink, all she did was grieve. On the 4th day her mother decided that it has gone too far. So she marched into her room and took her gently by the hand. " darling, poor sniffer would have to go at some stage, you do know that, everyone has to go at some time". She said comfortingly. " yeah, but not so soon and not this way!!!" Lucy sobbed.

So Lucy's mum took her shopping to try and cheer her up. It didn't work. So as soon as they got home, Lucy was thankful that her mum tried and she thanked her mum too. But it was no use, she was empty inside.

The next day it was Martina's birthday. Lucy went of course because she was Lucy's best friend. Lucy pretended to get over it and she actually had a great time without thinking of sad things. After the party, Martina asked Lucy and Hannah to stay for a sleep over and their parents allowed them so they did. They had great fun and stayed up all night and they did so much stuff. Lucy decided that she really would move on and enjoy life as it was. So 2 weeks past as it used to be.

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