Lucy's Life

Lucy is a little girl who has quite a tough life. It seems like bad luck but she has to be strong and live through it, even when it gets hard.


1. Lucy

Lucy walked up to her friends. "Hi!" She said. Hannah and Martina were looking very pale. "What's up you two?" She asked worriedly,"oh nothing!" They answered quickly. But Lucy heard them murmur under their breath " she hasn't been told yet". Lucy thought hard " what were they on about?". She decided she would walk home and ask her parents if they knew.

As she walked in the door she heard her parents whispering, as soon as they saw her they asked her to sit at the table. Lucy didn't know what was going on so she just sat down. Her dad started "Lucy we are very sorry to say but your little dog, sniffer has just been ran over by Jim Rudden. We are so sorry". Lucy didn't know what to say. She could feel the cold salty tears running down her face, she couldn't bear it any longer so she just ran up to her room and slammed the door behind her.

In her room, she was shouting at herself " if I did bring sniffer with me he would've still been here. She could still feel his breath and she could feel him licking her face lovingly. She knew she was just day dreaming but it made her think of him even more.

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