Lucy's Life

Lucy is a little girl who has quite a tough life. It seems like bad luck but she has to be strong and live through it, even when it gets hard.


3. Just pure bad luck

As soon as Lucy came back from Hannah's house. Her mother and father were sitting at the table again. "Oh no!" She thought, it just brought flash backs to her about the last time this happened.

"Lucy could you come here please" her mother whispered nervously. "Oh no!!!!, there is something wrong!" Lucy started to feel hot sweat rushing down her face. She could feel her face getting very warm, she just wiped her face with the back of her hand and sat down.

"Ok guys what's the matter?" Lucy asked (she wanted it over with as soon as possible). "Ok, Lucy, your dad has cancer".

"WHAT!!?" Lucy roared. "Lucy it's ok, I'll be ok" her dad said comfortingly. " NO! YOU WONT!!!" Lucy screamed as she broke into a fit if tears. She could feel her head boiling, tears rushing down her face and falling onto her jumper and she could feel anger and sadness together. But this time she didn't run up to her room and block herself from the world, she just dashed over to her father and hugged him so tightly and she never wanted to let go. "Oh dad!" She sobbed," why to you?". "It's ok Lucy, the doctor said that mine is able to be cured" her dad told her. But he looked over at mum and shook his head sadly. 2 weeks later it was his funeral.

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