Lucy's Life

Lucy is a little girl who has quite a tough life. It seems like bad luck but she has to be strong and live through it, even when it gets hard.


5. Holidays

Lucy's mother came onto Lucy's room in the morning " darling, we are going to New Holland!" She started, " OH REALLY?" Lucy screamed. "yes" her mum finished.

So they packed their suitcases and bags then they set off for the airport. After couple of tedious hours they came to their hotel. It really was magnificent. It had golden walls with a crystal chandelier hanging from the roof, leather sofas and tables were over by the tall, panes windows and the reception was over by the bar. Even their room was as nice as the reception place. " OH MY GOSH!" Martina and hannah had just jumped out! "Surprise!!" Her mother shouted. It was all set up! Thought Lucy, she was very happy.

The next day they decided they would go for a walk, Lucy kept it to herself but it was her birthday today and she knew that everyone had forgotten so she didn't want them to start buying her stuff.

They walked into a lovely shop and Lucy told her mum that she was looking at the bracelets and her mum said ok.

She walked over to where her mum Saadi she would be, but she wasn't, all there was, was a note. She read it and it said : "dear Lucy, just go to the hotel room and you will be safe, the key is taped to the back of this note".

Sure enough there it was there, so Lucy just sprinted to the hotel room and locked the door behind her. She lay there for 15 minutes doing nothing, all she thought about was her mother, where she was, what she is doing and how she feels. Suddenly Lucy heard movement coming from the kitchen and VOICES! She crept over silently and flung opened the door... "SURPRISE!!" Her mother, Hannah, Martina and their parents shouted. "Oh thank god you's are ok " Lucy said, feeling relieved. " don't worry we didn't forget your birthday!" her mother said to her.

So they all celebrated and after 2 more weeks they all went home. Lucy and her mum lived together by themselves and just focused on happy things. So I think that's it.


Authors note: I will try and write more stories but I hope you enjoyed this one even though it is quite short.

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