She's Not Afraid

Vanessa Tomlinson isn't your average "goody-goody". She likes to have fun, go to parties, and get wild. But there's one thing she's always been afraid of.. Love. Once she meets Zayn at a tattoo shop, she finds him very attractive and bad ass. When they start hanging out, she starts to feel something she's never felt before. Will the two become more than just friends and if they do, will her Vanessa's older brother Louis approve?
∞ A Zayn fan fiction ∞


9. Chapter 7 ♥️

( Vanessa's P.O.V )

"Alright.. Well I lost my parents when I was only 14 years old, and when they went.. A piece of my heart went with them. They got in a tragic car accident and I wasn't myself for a few years. I would cut and cut and cut until I left pools of blood on the bathroom floor because I thought the death of my parents was all my fault.. When in reality, it wasn't. Since I was so depressed, my brother Louis decided for us to move somewhere else, so I could let the past go a bit.. And now, i'm here. I used to live in Doncaster and then I went to a foster home in Florida, and then I came here. I'm just a very fragile person who gets emotional very easily and seeing you get violent like that reminds me of things.. Bad things Zayn."

I just couldn't tell him anymore.

"Come here.." He motioned his fingers for me to come closer to him on the bench. I slid myself closer to him as I leaned my head on his broad muscular shoulder.

And I got this feeling in my stomach.. That was unfamiliar to me.

( Zayn's P.O.V )

I wanted so badly to just sit here forever with her.. Cause it just felt so right. Hearing her speak her story and crying while telling it really affected me.. She doesn't deserve to cry.

"I know you might be in a rough spot right now.. But listen to me. When it rains.. There's always a rainbow to appear. And I promise that your rainbow will show up soon. Just stay strong love.. You'll make it through." I spoke these words while brushing the tears off of her cheeks.

She looked up at me and smiled while sniffling.

"Your amazing with words Zayn.. It's crazy."

"Well, it's all the truth."

She started to shiver and that's when I had remembered she was wearing a dress that couldn't keep her warm. Being the gentleman I am, I took off my jean jacket and put it over her shoulders.

"No-o Zayn.. Ke-ep it.. You'll get cold-d." She shivered.

"I don't care, you need to stay warm."

She smiled and started to blush. I've only known this girl for half a day, and she gives me this feeling inside of me.. That I have never felt before.

"And listen.. I'm sorry about what I did in the club.. I just lost control.."

"It's alright Zayn, I forgive you."

She squeezed me tighter, which made me smile. Her hair smelt like fresh strawberries and it soothed me. She was almost like an angel.. Who fell straight down from heaven.

"What time is it?" She asked while sitting up and leaning off my shoulder which was now warm by her tears.

I took my iPhone out of my pocket and checked the time.


"Shit, I need to call my brother Lou to tell him i'm okay and for him to pick me up."

"No need, c'mon.. I'll bring you."

"Thanks." She smiled.


We walked back to the front of the club, and went into my black range rover.

"Nice car." She said while getting in.


"I live right in front of the Manhattan theater."

"Got it."

I drove her there and parked right in front of her apartment.

"Here we are." I smiled, while looking at her.

"Thanks for tonight Zayn.. It felt good to have someone I could talk to."

"I'm always here Vanessa.. Always. Hey, if you ever need anything, and I mean anything text or call me." I said while grabbing a napkin from the cup holder and wrote my number down on it.

"I will." She smiled.

I handed her the napkin and showed off my smile to her.

"Oh.. And one more thing before I leave.." She spoke.


Please kiss me..

"Could we take a picture together?.. So I never forget this night?.."

"Of course."

I would've kissed her myself, but only hours ago, she backed out of it. So why would I try again?

She took out her iPhone and I put my arm around her shoulder and smiled for the pic. She snapped it, and smiled.

"I love it." She whispered.

"So do I."

"Do you want your jacket back?" She laughed.

"Nah, keep it.. It's cuter on you anyways."

She blushed and walked out of the car and started her way to her apartment. It was a bad night at first, and it had now turned into a great one..

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