She's Not Afraid

Vanessa Tomlinson isn't your average "goody-goody". She likes to have fun, go to parties, and get wild. But there's one thing she's always been afraid of.. Love. Once she meets Zayn at a tattoo shop, she finds him very attractive and bad ass. When they start hanging out, she starts to feel something she's never felt before. Will the two become more than just friends and if they do, will her Vanessa's older brother Louis approve?
∞ A Zayn fan fiction ∞


2. Chapter 1 ♥️

( Vanessa's P.O.V )

Me and Lou just moved here to New York City, in Manhattan and i'm in love with absolutely everything here. The lights, parks, billboards, everything.

"Nessa, pass me that box." Louis asked me while holding his hands out to me.

I passed it to him, almost dropping it. Whoops.

"Clumsy." Lou mumbled under his breath.

"Shut up."

We got here yesterday, and had a few last boxes to unpack. Louis is the world's biggest clean freak and knows how to clean up.. Quick.

"So, what are your plans today little sister?"

"Uh, actually.. None."

"Well, I have lots of errands to run today.. So, I guess your going to miss your perfect brother."

"Yeah yeah.. I'll probably just go to a park to take some photos or something." I chuckled.

I have a strong love for photography, and find it absolutely amazing.

"Okay baby sis, stay out of trouble.. I love you." He kissed my forehead and left the now lonely apartment room.

I walked to my room, and went into my closet to see what there was to wear. I decided to put on a rolling stones tank top, black leggings, and some red converses. After getting dressed I curled my naturally straight hair with a wand, grabbed my phone, and left.

Me and Louis lost our parents when we were only kids. I was 14 and he was 17. We stood in a foster home until Louis turned 18 and we were able to leave, and he became my guardian. Now, that i'm 19 and he's 22, we live together in a large apartment with only the two of us. There was never a lot of Tomlinson family we knew of, except us two and our parents. I miss them so much.. But I know their watching over the both of us, proudly smiling. It wasn't their fault a drunk driver spun his car towards their direction.

I locked the apartment door after running my mind about past thoughts and started walking to a nearby park. On my way there I noticed a lot of amazing graffiti art on the walls of stores and buildings. There was one with a batman logo on it, another with just a bunch of colors splatted together and one last one of a goofy looking person. I admired each and every one and took a picture of all of them with my polaroid camera. When I finally reached the park, I took some pictures of the parks view and started walking down a pathway. While I was walking, I noticed a painting on the concrete ground. It was an anchor with a ribbon wrapped around it that said "refuse to sink". I have never seen something so beautiful in my entire life.. I snapped a photo, and came up with a great idea..

I should get that tattooed on me.

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