She's Not Afraid

Vanessa Tomlinson isn't your average "goody-goody". She likes to have fun, go to parties, and get wild. But there's one thing she's always been afraid of.. Love. Once she meets Zayn at a tattoo shop, she finds him very attractive and bad ass. When they start hanging out, she starts to feel something she's never felt before. Will the two become more than just friends and if they do, will her Vanessa's older brother Louis approve?
∞ A Zayn fan fiction ∞


5. A/N ♥️

Hey guys! Just so you know, there will be a few times where i'll put in a little authors note just to ask you guys some things, or just tell you somethings! I'm always wanting to know what y'all think about my stories, so feel free to comment as much stuff as you'd like(': Just know that I try to update a lot! I have quite a few of the chapters written down already, i'm just trying to write enough so I never run out and you guys have to wait longer! So, please bare with me loves. Yeah, so comment, like, favorite, dance, jump and down, and all that good stuff! Love you all♥️

- Myaaa*-;

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