why did you choose me?

OMG!! I was adopted by druggies!! No wonder I got bullied like every hour of my life.
But at least I'm going to a concert tomorrow to see one direction!!!

Millie thinks its just a normal day of fun until Louis Tomlinson meets her and locks his gaze and heart on her. what will happen?


3. My father

-Millie's P.O.V-

i woke up to a place i didn't recognise but after a few seconds i managed to remember where i was.I was on a tour bus with...ONE DIRECTION!!!!! But wait, that was the first time in ages i hadn't had that horrible dream! YAY!! i turned over to see a semi-naked Louis next to me fast asleep.I tried to get out of the bed but Louis seemed to be clinging onto me tightly "don't let me go Millie.....NO!!" Louis was now screaming so i was shaking him like crazy and whispering "I won't ever let go Louis, never".his eyes suddenly fluttered open and he asked me a very stupid question,"you won't ?" 

"No Louis, not ever" i responded. He then did something that made me tingle, he hugged me and whispered "Good, because i think i love you Millie". those were words that made me cry tears of joy and happiness.

"SHIT!! Lou, i need to go home to see my mum and dad they will be terrified!" i told him,

"why don't you just call them and say your at your friend's house?" he suggested.i grabbed my phone out of my pocket  and it started to ring "Mum, dad i'm at Louise's house coz i fell asleep on her couch, bye!" i said through the phone.

"done and dusted" i said to him putting on a cheeky grin.

the rest of the day we just chilled i bed and harry had brought us some food, Niall wanted to but the guys thought he would eat it all and they were probably right all the way.

 (Author's Note - I'm sorry its so short, just to let you guys and girlies know i will now do a chapter everyday but it will be published around about 3:30 p.m so just check up around then. Keep being happy my little carrots ;) !!!

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