why did you choose me?

OMG!! I was adopted by druggies!! No wonder I got bullied like every hour of my life.
But at least I'm going to a concert tomorrow to see one direction!!!

Millie thinks its just a normal day of fun until Louis Tomlinson meets her and locks his gaze and heart on her. what will happen?


1. Discovered

Millie's P.O.V.

"AAAAHH!!" I screamed, I had the same nightmare again. my mum shouted for me to shut up, why, she never will. I had just remembered I was going to a concert today. I got up out of my bed to put some clothes on. I had decided on a dork top, patterned leggings with some purple vans. I went downstairs to make some breakfast when I found a random man and my dad exchanging various materials to each other "what are those?" I asked my father.

"Nevermind young lady, haven't you ever heard the phrase 'children should be seen and not heard?" he answered. I went closer to my father and found a bunch of different tubes with little pills in them. then I remembered he was trying out to be a doctor.

"aren't you gonna get some breakfast, young lady?" I spun round to see my mother with a bowl in one hand and some cereal in the other. I took the things out of her hands and got the milk out.

after I had finished my cereal I walked up the stairs and did my hair, make up and my washing was brought down.

"I'm going out to the concert now" I told my parents

"okay sweetie, be careful" she ordered

"sure thing mom" I said.

-skip ride-

"you're insecure, don't know what for

turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or

don't need make up to cover up

because the way that you are Is eno-o-ough"

Liam started off by singing his solo part in what makes you beautiful and it was so cute the way he sang it. It had now came to Louis and he was standing right infront of me. he was staring but never took his gaze off me the whole way through the concert.

-after concert-

I was walking out of the stadium when Louis Fricking Tomlinson jumped off stage and started walking towards me!!!!!!

"hello love" he said, while I was in awe.

" your... your..."I said.

"I know, I know and you are?" he said in a funny voice.

"Millie Duchannes" I said still frozen in place.

"well Millie, would you like to come and meet the boys?" he asked.

All I did was nod and he brought me back stage. I was petrified, what if they didn't like me? what if I looked bad? Louis brought me out of my deep thoughts and back into reality when he said my name.

"guys, this is Millie" he said to the other four boys.

"hi Millie" they all said together.

"Millie come sit next to me" Louis said to me. I did as I was told and shuffled to the couch to sit down.

"let's play a game!" Niall said in delight.

"Okay, TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Louis said in an evil voice.

Zayn started us off and it landed on Louis,"Louis, I dare you to...switch clothes with Millie!!"

"Okay!!" he said, we both went in a separate room and got changed into each other's clothes.

"Are you ready?" he mouthed to me, I nodded in response. We walked into the room where everyone else was and all they did was laugh then me and Lou joined in to.

"hey Mil" Louis said.

"Wanna stay the night?" he asked.





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